Met with MS Nurse. Positive post :)

Hi I’ve had a meeting with my MS nurse today, at one point she mentioned the MS Society and I commented that I often come to this forum to get information, share stories, check up on symptoms etc. Anyway she was a big advocate of this, saying she had heard lots of people who find it useful and (hope no one minds me saying) sometimes it’s a good place for a good old moan - we can’t deny it, MS in its many variations is totally awful and s*** and we all more than deserve to let off steam

(just before I send this message - I understand that many people have severe life-changing symptoms - I am really not making light of anything MS related and especially of anyone ‘moaning’ - it’s just my sense of humour it doesn’t translate well via text!)

So anyway I thought I’d share that I’ve had a positive meeting with my nurse today. I had huge worries about work- I’m a Reception teacher - she has reassured me that I’m no less capable of doing my job (some of my colleagues, whilst of course well-meaning, have been very over protective and jumping in to ‘save’ me from the tiniest of tasks). I’ll find things much harder, but it’s doable, just need to work on those changes and ways I can adapt to make things a bit easier when I can.

We have talked about how MS doesn’t define us or change who I am as a person, of course it’s very much a learning curve and I am going to be ‘on edge’ (my last relapse was very scary), but in time I’ll learn what works, what doesn’t and what to keep an eye out for.

I also talked about how the worst thing by far about getting the diagnosis has been telling those who are close to me - she gave me some advice on how to break the news, and rather than telling them what it will stop me doing, focus on how they can help and support me.

Anyway I said I’d post this as a little ray of positivity- hopefully someone will read this and feel more confident in themselves, more ready to face this ugly illness and more positive about their situation :slight_smile:


Hi Amy

That is a really positive post. I’m really pleased that you have such a great MS nurse.

There is no need to worry about upsetting anyone who is more disabled, we’re (mostly) made of tougher stuff than that. And I for one am always happy to know people are doing well.

And by all means, feel free to need to moan, whine and whinge at times, we all need to do that. We’re entitled, regardless of how much our MS has affected us, it’s still MS. Which sucks!


Hi Amy,

It’s so nice to have an understanding and helpful MS nurse.

I definitely do.

Nice of you to post. We like the positives too.

Jen x

Yay thanks both! I’ve already done my fair share of moaning and will definitely do more. It’s good to see the positives in dark times (sometimes they are very hard to find) xx

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Hi I’m Paul I have MS I am fairly new all and need some help and ideas on keeping active. I am stuck in the 4 wall syndrome at present.