Attendance allowance

Hi does anyone know the criteria for qualifying for the attendance allowance? Thanks Sue

Hi Sue

The first thing you should know about AA is that it’s soooo much easier to qualify for than PIP or DLA.

You must have reached the age at which you can claim the State Pension (& that of course is varied these days). It’s paid at two rates, which are equivalent amounts to PIP. But it’s all about your need for assistance from another person. Even if you don’t get that help.

This is the CAB page which contains a lot of links to relevant information: Attendance Allowance - Citizens Advice But you can also get help from your local Pension Service office. If you find their number and give them a call, often you’ll find a nice advisor comes out, completes the form for you and it’s then granted as if by magic.


I put in for attendance allowance for my mum, she has ataxia, colitis and arthritis, she has poor balance and coordination and uses aids. she didnt want me to put in for it as she has never claimed benefits before, and didn’t want to go for any assessments. Anyway filled out form got her to sign it and posted away, only had one piece of evidence to include with form. 5 weeks later money was in her bank, they never even phoned her and i dont even think they contacted her GP. I think there are certain conditions which automatically qualify you, she is 68 and when she started getting attendance allowance she qualified for pension credits. She overall is £115 better of a week, and she never even wanted me to put in for it, and only took am hr to complete form so you nothing to loose by applying and deffinately easier than PIP.

Hi Sue and Violet

Thank you for your replies.

As I have some savings I have paid for alterations to my house and I have purchased any equipment that I need. However I am finding the cost of a cleaner and the frequent taxis to and from various hospitals very expensive. I have already had three appointments this year. My husband is also unwell and he is not able to help with cleaning. My cleaner comes in once a week and she also changes my bed linen for me. My poor balance will not allow me to stretch and bend and I fall over. I have several health conditions and an EDS of 6/6.5.

I do use hospital transport for one hospital.

I applied last year for AA but my application was turned down. One of my hospital letters stated that on a good day I could walk 100 metres with a cane and FES so I am assuming that is why my claim was rejected. The reply from the AA was very ambiguous simply stating that I did not qualify due to a comment made by my consultant. I felt this made it impossible to appeal as no reason was given. I do not need personal care but I am losing the use of my hands.

I do have a blue badge because my walking was so poor at an assessment. So although I can manage more than 25 metres on a good day I find it completely exhausting. In the last twelve months I have had six falls and I need help to get back up. I cannot manage to shop and my Husband buys bits and pieces and the bulk of food shopping is done online.

I just wondered how other people found the process. Sue.

Hi Sue

Generally AA is paid to people who need help with personal care, and/or to keep them safe at home. So if you’ve had any falls, need any help with washing, dressing, cooking, eating, all these would count. If you state on the form that you need help with housework and do internet shopping, but don’t need help with personal care, you probably would be turned down again.

Sending in a letter that states you can walk 100 metres would also count against you I’m sure. Even if it did say ‘on a good day’.

In your situation, I’d reapply, stating that you’ve deteriorated since the previous claim. If you’ve had 6 falls in a year, that should count towards your claim. And if your hands are getting worse, you need to spell that out. Evidence that back up your claim should be included. But don’t send the DWP a letter that implies you can do more than you normally can.

If you didn’t get any help with the claim form last time, make sure you do this time. You should be able to get help from Age Concern or the CAB. Honestly, some people who qualify for the high rate are perfectly capable of walking further than you. It just depends on how the form is completed and the evidence that’s included.

It’s utterly infuriating that some people manage to qualify for AA so easily and others who should be entitled do not.