attendance v care's alowance

whats the difference? or am i being thick

juju thankx in advance.

Mmm, now let`s think.

AA…attendance allowance is for folk over pension age…now as that moves, I`m not sure when it is.

It`s for those who are over the age to claim PIP.(DLA of old)

It is given to people who qualify, after an assessment by form filling and comes from DWP, to enable them to pay for help.

Carer`s Allowance…CA…this is claimed by and paid to anyone who assists someone who is in receipt of PIP (DLA), when they give at least 35 hours care.

I think that`s right. You will be able to read about these 2 benefits on line, by googling DWP benefits.

If I`ve not got it right, someone else may give the right info.


Poll has it right. AA for the over 65s who need help with personal care either during the day or the night (lower rate) or both day and night (higher rate) it’s paid at the equivalent rate of standard or enhanced PIP for daily living.

And CA is paid to a carer of someone who themselves gets AA, DLA for care at the middle or high rate or PIP for daily living. CA is paid at the rate that a person would get if they were on Jobseeker’s Allowance.


Cheers Sue.