Attachment to convert wheelchair into a trike

I’ve seen these online. It’s a one wheeled attachment with handlebars that attaches to your wheelchair and converts the wheelchair into a trike. Has anyone used such a thing? Either the powered version or the self-powered one.


Hi Derek,

Yes, I had one when they first came out; did something like 14 MPH; very dangerous in a, what amounted too; 3 wheeled wheelchair.

My advice; don’t get one. I don’t know the price now, but then about 8 years ago it was about £4000; keep your money mate.


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Seen them at Naidex and MS Life. Also see the last Gardeners world - the wheelchair guy had hisarm in a sling and thus could not self propel - he was using one.

To go off road and have 3 wheels - I’ve bought a Trekinetic

It was expensive and George would probably have heart attack at the cost BUT hell yes, it is proving its worth.

It totally depends on your life style and what you want to do. The add-ons give you bit more power and range to go places and around. So not suitable doing 14 mph down the high street…but bimbling allong a river bank maybe?

a bit of googling finds many different ones - so best to do your research somewhere like Naidex and try before you buy!! then start saving the £’s OR try for a grant.

EDIT gardeners world - Episode 10 :13 mins in, see one in action

Those Trekinetic look bramer; I also like the look of those Segway wheelchairs Folding, Rising and lightweight PowerChairs Available but as reddivine said must try first, can’t see how I can balance.


Oooh the segway thingy? Tried one at Naidex, its all controlled by your centre of gravity ie, leaning forward or back…so you need good core muscles. Totally opposite to what you do in a normal wheelie, so yeah, I found it real hard!

I have a couple of PDQ powertrike attachments and battery. Also have a couple of wheelchair brackets which you need to attach the front powered wheel to the chair. Never had a problem with overbalancing. Lots of fun and gets you where you want to go. Can’t use them now as my condition has taken a bit of a dive. Bummer.

PDQ Powertrike was the one I had, yeh good-fun death traps. The company went into liquidation many years ago; 14 mph too fast in a wheelchair even if it’s got 4 wheels.


Personally I never had a problem with stability, never tipped over. Probably I was lucky but it was good fun and got me where I wanted to go and quickly!!!

I’ve been looking at the new trikes; which are a different animal to the one I had; even got reverse gear. Still 3 wheels; and it can be governed; interesting;