Power Trike

Has anyone got or had one of these kits that convert your wheelchair into a pwered trike. I am desperate to have the freedom to get out in the great outdoors like I used to, without being dependent on others to push my wheelchair and being restricted to level paths. I have looked on a few websites but they all seem to say rigid wheelchairs only - I have a folding one so it will go in the car, so we can go places. Anyone know of one that will fit a folding chair? many thanks for any help and advice!


I don’t know how the costs compare, but have you thought about a mobility scooter? There was a thread on here not long ago about a lightweight one that folded up and looked quite good (think it was a Luggie). I have a scooter, but it weighs 60kg, so I can’t get it into the car.


I used to have a PDQ Trike (I don’t think the trade anymore). The concept was terrific; just slide a male pole into a fixing pulled it upright and you were ready to go.

Same old problem though; only three wheels and it was just too fast. 16 mph and thats a Jeremy Clarkson speed in a scooter; the times I came off.

Be very careful if you get one; govern the speed down and go around bends slowly otherwise they are a superb tool; many advantages over ordinary scooter.


Mobility scooter is a non starter - I need something that will go in the car so we can go out places and neither would anything but a great big cross country one manage on countryside terrain (the lightweight folding ones people have discussed on the forum recently really only cope on smoothe surfaces). thanks for the wise advice re the speed of trikes etc - I am still interested in any advice about trikes that fit onto FOLDING wheelchairs! Many thanks.

Is this the sort of thing you had in mind?

If your thinking about the first one Whammel showed they are the same as PDQs and I still have my solid lightweight titanium wheelchair with the female fixings underneath.

I have photos of it but can’t put them on profile; to big. If you want it you can have it for nothing as long as you pay to get it collected. I have no need for it but it is ideal for offroading and also you can carry a spare battery so instead of doing 15 miles it will do 30; so easy to change. No rust (titanium don’t rust) but it may need new rubber tyres; may have perished.

Give me till tomorrow as it was in my shed; still should be unless someone has nicked it.


Yes, the one on the team hybrid site is exactly what I am thinking of!

However - website says they fit to rigid chairs only. Does this mean I have to get another wheelchair (and would a rigid one fit in the car I wonder?)???

Have you looked at TGA scooters? they do some quite large ones that will go up a ramp and into the back of a car