Buying a mobility Scooter

So the time has come I’ve decided to get a mobility scooter, as trying to have a day out is so difficult, and I’ve looked at loads online, but I’m no nearer knowing which type let alone what make. I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction?

There seem to be two types, big heavy ones for outdoors and light ones that aren’t good over slightly rough ground outside. The problem is I seem to be looking for a cross between the larger outdoor ones and something that will go in the car, and I am not sure they exist.

The one I get needs to be able to go in the car, so I can take it on days out. It doesn’t absolutely have to break down small as my car will probably take one without dismantling. But it will have to be light enough to roll up a ramp.

The problem is I want to be able to use it outside, on garden type paths and short grass as well as on indoor surfaces, as I really want to be able to get around the gardens of old houses.

I thought perhaps the best idea would be to ask people who actually use them, rather than people who are selling them.

So if you use a mobility scooter and can help me I would be very grateful.

Hi Anne,

This question has been posed so many times that you think the manufacturers would take note! The holy grail of scooters (and power chairs) is to have one that is sturdy and yet still transportable.

I opted on the side of sturdy with both my scooter and my powerchair because I lived in a very hilly place and getting around was more important than getting in the car.

You have opted for a roll-up-a-ramp solution which will give you more scope than having to lift the scooter. Even broken up they can be quite heavy. I think this should elevate you from pavement scooters that are eminently transportable but useless on rough ground.

Take a look at the TGA Sonet (TGA will bring one to the house for you to try it up your ramp)


I love my Travelscoot. Folds very quickly and easily. I can lift it into my car without any help and despite being very compact I have found it copes well with slopes and bumpy but firm tracks as well as being brilliant on hard surfaces and in shopping centres. I get between 12 and 18 km from a full charge depending on the terrain I am scooting on. Have a search on this forum, there are a few threads about scooters and people’s experiences with different ones

I’ve just bought a Elite Traveller Sport Pride Mobility Products Ltd. - scooters, power chairs and power recliners which does break down into 5 pieces. I can’t get this into the car on my own though. This scooter may suit your requirements.It replaces an Elite Traveller Plus which did sterling service but sadly reached the end of its life a few months ago. The new one is bigger than the original scooter, it does more but is of course heavier.

I would visit a few local mobility shops. Usually they know what they are talking about and you would have the opportunity of trying different scooters out.

Everybody has different needs when it comes to scooters, I wish you luck in finding the one that meets your needs.

i have just bought a Luggie,and its great,very compact and is good for,days out and shopping,which suits my needs,you have to wieigh up the pros and cons,and then decide which one would suit your needs.

I’ve got a Sterling Sapphire 2, which I’m looking to sell to create a bit of space now that I’ve got an indoor/outdoor chair through Motability. It has Delta Grip controls, so it can be driven left or right handed, which is what attracted me to it as my right side is bad. It also dissembles to make it transportable, though we’ve never taken it anywhere. My husband thought we’d need to fold the back seat down in his Focus to get it in the boot, so not much space left for passengers. It’s quite heavy, but has good clearance - it’s been on our local sports field. And, more importantly, it feels stable, so you don’t feel like you’re going to tip over all the time. It’s class 2 and does 4 mph tops. A pavement scooter. I’m in Staffordshire. PM me if anyone’s interested. Heather

I have just bought a Rascal Liteway 8. My wish list was exactly the same as yours as I used to be a keen hiker and I wanted to be able to get out in the country again.

It’s an 8mph scooter, so has a bit of extra oomph to get across rougher ground but collapses to fit in the car.

I’ve only had it 2 weeks so am still testing it out, but so far I have to say I’m impressed.

So far it’s coped with grass, gravel, uneven untarmaced paths, steep gradients and non-dropped kerbs and even with all that, after 6 miles the battery needle had hardly moved. I need to take it on a longer run to see how good the battery life really is, but so far so good.

I’d put this off for a while, but can so see that it’s going to give me some of my independence back.

I want to thank everyone who commented on my post, it has been really helpful. Most of you said it was important to go and try them, so I have spent today testing out various scooters at three different shops locally, phew exhausted!

But I think that I have found the right one for me. I am looking at a Prism Sport which has good ground clearance and big wheels and most importantly a comfy seat, because I have also had spinal surgery.

I will have to check how it will all fit in the car, but I am planning on getting telescopic ramps so that it doesn’t have to be taken apart, because the battery by itself is too heavy.

Thanks again, appreciate the info.