Hi All, Had my limited capabilty for work questionnaire sent to me by ATOS my review date is the 23/9/2013 but ATOS are saying 23/8/2013 when I sent it back 16/8/2013 but they said they did not get it until the 23/8/2013 I have now been given my P45 by the job centre, and paymentd have been stopped. I have had to get the CAB involved have spoken to the Job centre who are adamant that my review date is 23/8/2013 and have now scanned and sent the letter to CAB with the date 23/9/2013 lets see what they have got to say about that will let you now what happens tomorrow. Anybody else been sacked by the job centre, I have also had to get a letter from my Neuro stating I can hardly walk let alone work it is disgusting. I am on ESA in the support group. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Cindy… Good God it makes me so bloody angry when I hear these stories!!!

Thank goodness you had the sense to go to CAB.

Is it today you hear from them???

Hope so and hope they start your benefits again immediatly.

All fingers, toes and everything else crossed for you hon.

Pat xx

Hi Cindy,

This is so wrong, I do hope they will sort it out quickly for you.

Pam x

Good news I am getting my payment tomorrow as normal bloody cheek of these people they sure know how to get the stress levels up Thanks Pam & Pat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thats brilliant Cindy, so pleased for you, and yes, these bods have no idea of the level of stress they cause and its consequences.

Glad it worked out for you.

Pam x

FAB news Cindy!!!

Pat xx

glad it is sorted

Thank God for that Cindy, there are some human beings even in ATOS! M

Glad they finally got it right Cindy! Teresa xx