Stop the bus and let me off!

Hi Everyone

I’ve reached breaking point in my life at the moment and got the strangest phone call this evening which brings me to ask for your expert opinion… My gp surgery rang this evening to make me a double appointment as the ESA department have apparently requested my gp’s assistance with my claim. Is this instead of the useless ATOS medical or do they think I’ve been untruthful? They couldn’t say anything other than I needed a long appointment. I don’t feel strong enough to cope with all their application, rejection and appeal procedures at present and can’t remember how long ago I last applied for benefits. I know I’m not applying for anything I shouldn’t be or exaggerating my symptoms either.

Please if anyone knows what this is about and can ease my mind I’d be very grateful. I’m sorry if I sound morbid or miserable but I really can’t take much more on at the moment and can’t see the gp for the next 2 weeks. Fatigue has really hit me hard.

Thanks. Cath xx

Hi Cath, i think it might be because ATOS are being replaced

Hi Cath, sorry to hear your low at the moment, its typical that something like this is thrown at you when your down. I’m sorry I don’t know the answer to your question, however I do believe the g.p has your health at heart not that of Atos. I do recall reading something about Atos not reaching there targets on time with medical assesments etc I know they have a massive backlog to get through.

. Is it possible to request a telephone consultation with your g.p or ask the receptionist to ask g.p for further information as the stress is affecting your health and you can’t cope with not knowing as appt is 2 weeks away.

Look after yourself sending hugs xx( not the MS type)


Thank you, you’re right, It’s probably nothing. I think I’ve just got so much on my plate at the moment and that phone call just felt like the icing on the cake. I suppose it’s better that the gp fills my forms in as he knows me better than an ATOS doctor who only sees me on one day. Life was so much easier when I was working, unfortunately it’s not meant to be now.

The ATOS doctor I saw on a previous visit was useless, telling me he could see there was something seriously wrong with me but writing back to say I could go back to nursing when I could hardly walk. It was a useless system.

Take care everyone and enjoy the good weather while it lasts.

Cath xx

Hi Cath

I agree with Mac, as I read that atos was being replaced, and not before time, in my humble opinion.

Your gp will be thinkiing oof you with the form, he is on your side, so please dont stress, it only makes symptoms worse.

If it would put your mind at ease, ask the gp for a phone consultation to find out what it is about. I just dont understand why the powers that be make life so difficult, they should try “walking in your shoes” first, I am sure it would be a different scenario then.

Take care

Pam x

Hi Cath, I too have heard that GPs will be doing assessments now, I’m sure even my terrible GP would be better than the likes of ATOS. Please try not to worry Cath…I do know that’s easy to say! I think the idea of asking for a phone appointment is so good…it really would put your mind at ease…two weeks is far too long to have that sort of stress. Nina x

Hi Cath, I think it’s because ATOS have such a backlog… they’ve asked GP to do the assessment. Try not to worry… it’s a blessing really. At least your GP is a trained health professional. Much better than an Atos person. Good luck with it. Pat xx

I agree with the general thoughts here, better your GP than someone from ATOS. Try not to stress

Sonia xx

Hi Cath

Is there a way you can get them to come to you rather than the consultation being held at their office. I saw this advise somewhere but I can’t remember where.


Hi everyone. Thank you for your messages. I’ve given up worrying about my doctors visit, what will be will be! I’ll let you know though if gps are now replacing ATOS. I’m too tired to worry about anything other than day to day life.

Take care. Cath xx

Aw,hope you get a good night sleep Cath… we’ve had a bad evening so I’m off to bed very soon, life can be hard work sometimes!

Take care

Sonia x

Good luck when you do go Cath, hope your feeling a bit better today. Nina x

Hi Cath, I can understand that getting through each day is enough to deal with, without worrying about something else you cannot control anyway. I hope your feeling a little better today, if not all my wishes for tomorrow.

Take care & share

Pauline xxx

Thanks everyone. Luckily with my concentration and memory being poor I’m able to put most things aside once the initial stress subsides. Having brain lesions has some benefit.

Cath xx

Hi Cath chin up deep breath and getnthe appointment made and get there and tell them the truth exactly what you are like at your worst dont sugar coat it tell the truth, we all tend to brush this stuff off as no one elses business but they cant assess you unless they know the truth.

Thanks Everyone

I had my appointment and the ESA department had written to my gp and sent a form for him to fill in about my limitations and ability to work. He wanted me to discuss my dis/abilities and let me know that he didn’t think I’d ever work again. I just hope now that they’ll accept his evaluation and sort themselves and my benefits out. It’s awful how they make you feel like you’re a burden on society isn’t it? I wish they’d believe me when I say I’d be working if that was possible but my current situation doesn’t allow for it. Never mind, what will be will be.

Take care everyone, at least the weather’s picking up a bit.

Cath xx

Always remember we are NOT a burden to society… we are a part of society like everyone else. Also, people talk about benefits as if the money disappears into a black hole. We SPEND the money… it goes to retail outlets and landlords and utility companies! Unlike the RICH who put their money into foreign bank accounts! Never let them make you feel like a burden! Pat xx

  • Hi Cath, excellent that’s over with, yes I feel the same as you I think most of us have. Remember when feeling like this if you were not genuine you wouldn’t be having those thoughts!
  • Your creating a much needed space in the workforce for someone who is fit enough, helps the government with making believe their unemployment no’s are falling,
  • The fight for disability benefits is pigeon holed elsewhere, they manage to decline 2 out of 3 claims again , then 2out of 3 appeals win. Statistics!

Just like Pat said the money goes back into our economy, unless you have off shore accounts!! Or your funding family or buying property in another country courtesy of G.B benefits system!

Like you tell me don’t be hard on yourself, you didn’t ask for MS.

I think we should all be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress after going through all the medical exams, questions and depressive episodes of endless struggles to live a normal life.

Pauline xxx

Thank you Pat and Pauline, I know I’m not working because I’m unable to and your comments about off shore accounts definitely made me chuckle, I can’t understand how anyone on benefits could even manage to go overseas to open an account. I understand what you’re saying but just dislike it when we have to keep applying and “begging” some clerk who is looking at my forms searching for a reason to decline my application and I can just envision the sense of achievement they feel when they can find a reason to say no. It’s not your health that lets your application down but the way you filled your forms in.

A woman in our village has ms and asked me to help her claim DLA, she can hardly walk across the village square but got it turned down as she’s not very good at reading and writing. I have 2 diplomas and a degree and needed guides from my union teaching me how to answer the questions, she didn’t stand a chance poor thing.

Don’t you sometimes feel like I do? I can understand that there are people who do commit benefit fraud but surely when they read our diagnosis they should have enough medical literature available to see that we’re not taking the pee. Sorry folks, rant over.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Cath xx

Hi Cath, I think loads of people who should be claiming benefits are missing out because their reading or writing isn’t good or because English isn’t their first language. Far more people missing out then the number committing fraud. Yet strangely the government makes no effort at all to find those people OR the people who are committing tax fraud! And yes, if you have a letter from a specialist saying what your problems are, why on earth can’t that be enough? I just hate the way that to catch the scammers they have made us all guilty and having to prove our innocence. And as you say, they are really hoping to find us guilty… esp as they get a bonus for every person that they kick off benefits. It’s an appalling situation… those of us who are savvy and can work out how to fill in the forms and know how to get help, can usually (though not always) find our way through the benefits maze. The rest just fall by the wayside. Makes my blood boil. Rant over. Hope everyone is doing ok? Love to all and have a nice weekend, Pat xx