Atos to be in charge of nuclear decommissioning! No Joke!

Another ‘you couldn’t make it up’ Atos story!

Pat x

WHAT THE HELL? are they going to use us disabled as a clean up crew when they screw up? this is a disaster waiting to happen

OMG. Getting someone’s work capability assessment wrong is dreadful on a personal level but this could – as they say- go nuclear.

I begin to see why they find so many people fit to work – Ability has clearly not stopped them winning £multi million contracts so why quibble about a little matter of disability.

The world’s gone mad (By world I mean our government)


Not a joke? Ok, I am now very worried.

If this is true then the lunatics really are running the asylum.

Friends in high places for atos?

Maybe they have the meteor detection job too?

Seriously, there must be something very corrupt going on here, this is very worrying.