Atos tell porkies – Shock News

Claims that the private IT firm Atos made misleading statements about proposed co-operation with disability groups to help secure a £400m contract to perform disability assessments must be immediately investigated, Labour and several disability charities have demanded.

You can read the full story here:

Mmmm, can of worms springs to mind whammel.


Nothing about this suprises me!! Sue x

It is pretty small beer compared with the usual horror stories, but thought it was interesting for the way disabled groups are quick to distance themselves from the Atossers.

Love the play with words!


Just as a small thought - if ATOS got a contract on the strength of untrue statements about their collaboration with bodies representing disabled people, is this not a primae facie case of FRAUD?

And, if so, should they not be reported to the Serious Fraud Office? (Not to mention the National Audit Office who already have reported unfavourably on ATOS)


Rotten to the core. Sadly it’s not surprising.

Thanks for posting.

Pat x