They,re being found out but will things change? So many terribly sad stories and yet it seems no-one or no thing can stop IDS. Im not even on benefits (yet) but I really feel for people that are. (Victims)

Shocking well done to dr wood for speaking out,we all know what ATOSers are doing but untill drs and those doing the asessments speak up no one will listen.

Ian duncan smith needs kicking out of office for him to give his staff so much in bonuses is just disgusting.

We need much more publicity on this.


its terrable but we allready knew what was happening. it needs more doctors to come out and spill the beans so something is done about it.

saddly these type of things will just keep on happening as the goverment only see what they want to.

Hi, just read the link. Good heavens! The public will believe Dr Wood`s report, but will the government?


This is awful reading, no wonder he got out and good for him for doing so. I applied for PIP, told I had to go for an assessment up in London. I told them I needed my husband to go with me, so I timed my application knowing I would get an appointment during his holidays from work. Less than 24 hours before the appointment, it was cancelled due to staff sickness. The temptation to say, what kind of sickness and how is that affecting them today, is it variable and can they walk from one room to the other? If yes to the last question, then they are fit for work and they can do my ruddy assessment!! I had to bite my lip I can tell you. What they are putting people through is incomprehensible to them, they just have no clue. We are being bullied and no one that could change all this cares. Due to my husband not being able to take anymore time off this side of Christmas, they have conceded to a home visit. As I am still mobile, I have been told I am in for an indefinite wait to be seen … Sam xx