ATOS slated by ex-employee

BBC Radio 4 You and Yours. 12.15 Wednesday 1st Nov.

A mental health nurse who took a job as an assessor for disabled people claiming Personal Independence Payment. He says his reports were downgraded by managers - so disabled people were awarded less that he thought they should get.

This man describe his experience of working at ATOS which ran contrary to his 20 years experience in nursing.

Penny Mordaunt MP, Minister of State for Disabled People, Work and Health declined to appear on the programme.

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Thanks for the tip and it was certainly pretty damning stuff, if sadly all too familiar. This report was in the Guardian a couple of days ago. The staggering rise in PIP complaints shows there’s rot in the system | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

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I had a face to face meeting 17 Oct just gone . She was a mental health nurse working on behalf of Capita . She said she was going to leave due to her bosses being bullies and not reporting on the findings she had found when carrying out assesments for pip .

I asked for a copy of the report on the 24th Oct , i want to see if she was being genuine or was just paying me lip service lol , not that i didnt trust her , ok she just seemed a little too nice to be true when there is money being talked about even if it wasnt hers .

Ill let you know what the report says when i get it they said it would be here 7- 10 days so time is nearly up .

Best Wishes Iain .

Thank you for sharing this.

It was revealing that if you are not articulate, organised, and can provide evidence to meet the criteria required for the assessment, you will be particularly at the mercy of the assessors and their own, now not so hidden, agenda to save the DWP money.

As we know, a lot of people who are in genuine need of this benefit often lead chaotic lives, are not organised and may be unable to complete the application form unaided and then prepare for the assessment. It seems essential now that all applicants should take a witness along in an attempt to ensure fair play, and also be prepared to undertake the appeal process.

I could go on but I would be preaching to the converted.

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Atos and capita both French companies I think and they both stink of corruption, somebody at the top is making big bucks on all of these assessments it’s time something was done…



You picked up on what is probably the most important part of that piece today.

Those people who are not able to prepare for this process are most at risk. They are also the people who are most in need of support.

What this government has done is reprehensible and I have written to my MP to express my disgust. I’d encourage everyone who reads this to do the same.


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the very mention of pip brings it all back.

i was supposed to go to a tribunal but when the letter came giving me the time and place, i phoned welfare rights who had been helping me and said that i just couldn’t face going.

the lady at welfare rights said that it would be a better outcome (after months filling the forms, requesting mandatory reconsideration) to ask for my case to be dealt with on paperwork.

so although it is not over, at least i won’t be put through the tribunal.

i have had so much practice at swearing!

carole x


It’s the thought of people ground down by the mindless process of the PIP process that made me bring this article to the wider attention of the Forum.

I hope you get a better outcome this time around.



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Well, this is a timely post.

As Alun underlines, PIP is more of a test of ability to complete to form, than of actual levels of illness and disability.

If you have any experience in report writing or doing needs analysis or applying for grants in your working life, you will

sail through this PIP assessment process with no problem.

You will go out and collect enough NHS paperwork - evidence - to write

your own report using your GP and MS Nurse OTs etc.,. So there is NO need for an ATOS assessor to see you. They

cannot argue against what your GP has said about your condition. SLAM DUNK!!

So is this more an attack on those less able to write reports, or less likely to ask for help from Citizen’s Advice??

I think only a third ask for help completing their PIP form. The DWP expects you to fail.

“A major survey by more than 80 organisations reported that 79 per cent of respondents said their assessments for personal independence payment (PIP) had made their health worse, due to stress or anxiety.”

VOTE LABOUR! next time.