ATOS & Public Money

This falls into the “you couldn’t make it up” category.

OMG :frowning:

Sums it up really: OMG :frowning:



ATOS is contracted by the Govt and then subcontracts the job pack to a Govt department and pockets a tidy sum for literally passing the buck???


And I may have missed something being here in Australia but your DLA is being replaced by a payment called the personal independence payment (Pip)? Made me laugh because here if someone is giving you the sh!ts you say they are giving you the Pip!



I spent some time in the commercial side of the electronics industry and therefore experienced something of the ‘ethics’ of both the private and government sectors.

It always seemed to me that there was a tendency for private industry to edge towards corruption to make the very last buck out of a situation and for government industry to edge towards incompetency.

As Sir Humphrey once said the public know nothing about wasting public money - we are the experts!

It always amazes me how well the world does work in many ways when you see how industry government or private actually works from the inside.

How bizzare? atos have just showed us they are’nt needed. No doubt the unneccessary layer of corporate structure will be reflected in salaries and wages of those actually doing the lanarkshire assesments, and the backs of the taxpayer. I thought this was a period of cut-backs and austerity. We just have to wait and see. Frank.

This is a more emotional report on the same story.

Lost for words!

So it’s like a contractor getting in a sub-contractor (for a fortune) who then gives the work back to the contractor for far less money?

It’s like a sit-com plot except it is real and not at all funny.

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It disgusts me but it doesn’t surprise me.Thanks for posting.

Internal skulduggery springs to mind. I wonder how many more backhanders have gone on…


It could very well turn out a sketch from ''Yes Primeminister" Who said irony wasnt funny ? Frank.

Sue I was wondering the very same thing F.

It does look like Belinda’s WTF is better than Karen’s OMG!

The bit that got to me was the statement in the story:

“The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said Atos was receiving £238m for work in Scotland, north-east and north-west England, but said it was not possible to break down that figure to reveal the value of the Scottish contract.”

Since these are effectively two different countries (in administrative terms, at least) this does make David 603’s quote from Yes Minister more than somewhat appropriate.

It also suggests to me that there is a person in the DWP trying to hide his/her name from the Minister concerned for choosing ATOS in the first place. So we now have a real test of the competence, and the sincerity of IDS (always assuming that any politician is sincere). Of course, given the way that the Civil Service works, I would almost garantee that the culprit will never be named (promoted, more likely).


I think we forgot “the gong”