I am looking for some help with transport issues. I live in Houston in renfrewshire. I am wanting to view a house in Largs in North Ayrshire. I am in a wheelchair and don’t have a ramp. Does anyone know of any service that will transport me including the lifting out of the house a nd back in?

Any help much appreciated


Hi, this is a slightly unusual question on here.

Mmm, there must be someone who could help I know the difficulties of being in a wheelchair full time. We have a minibus with an electric lift on the back. and ramps to get me outside.

An accessible taxi could transport you, but I dunno about lifting you in and out of the house.

Social serivces may be abe to help, although I doubt their`s will be a quick response.

Hope someone reads your post and has good ideas.


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Thanks poll


Have you contacted your local volunteer bureau?

No Annie I haven’t

Thanks for the idea


Don’t know if there is one in your area but if there is, hopefully they can help.

Sorry, meant to say, as I live south of the border I have no idea of the distances involved.

It’s about 20 miles, maybe less


Try your local Red Cross. l know they arrange holidays for disabled people. And have suitable vehicles.

Thank you sj

Something else I hadn’t thought



l do hope you get sorted out for a lift. l know in our GP surgery - their is a list of volunteer drivers - who will take people to hospital appointments and wait to give them a lift home. Could this be a help. They have a set ‘per mile’ charge - much cheaper than a taxi.

Hopefully, someone on here - who lives near you can help.

Have you tried your local paper. Ring them and ask if they could help. A few lines stating your predicament might spur some kind soul to come forward and help.

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Thank you again SJ.

Your thoughts are much appreciated.


reading your replies with interest…