Wheelchair Hire for Christmas

Hi all, does anyone know who to contact (in the Rhyl, Denbighshire area), in order for me to obtain a wheelchair over the Christmas perod please?

I find it hard to walk around without people thinking im drunk due to my lack of balance and would like to have the use of a chair so i can join in with friends & family for functions over the festive period and not let the fear of me falling over ruin the night for all.

Many thanks.

Dave have a look online to see if there is a local Motorbility there. Another option is Salvation Army who have wheelchairs to lend out… Also post on EL … A much bigger group and you might get an MSer in area who can loan you one. Good luck, Pat x

PS… Also local branch of Red Cross. Px

Hi Shopmobility is a great source of renting mobility aids. They usually offer a good service. All the best Neil

Thanks Guys. Ive rang loads of various ‘rent a chair’ type places but get answer machines all the time which is very frustrating.

Anyway… as a last resort i rang the Disability Resource Centre at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd and the said: (Yes, an actual human voice)…

Yes sir, no probs… just call into the centre and collect one

Now i can enjoy my Christmas without the fear of falling over and looking like a drunken idiot

Oh fab news Dave! Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year, Pat xx

Good news indeed :slight_smile: Hope you have a fab stress-free time

Sonia x


Ive now got the weekend to ‘Pimp My Ride’

Happy Christmas and all the best to you too (there isnt a christmassy smiley, but i suppose this one will do as it is technically Jesus’ Birthday)

Have a lovely time Dave, glad it is sorted for you.

Pam x

Pleased you managed to get it sorted Dave, For future reference you may find you are entitled to one on the NHS…ask your MS nurse to refer you to an OT. I didn’t know I was entitled to one until it was too late! I bought mine on eBay …I think unless you need one full time eBay is good enough. I managed to get a very narrow one …child’s I think …which is easy to get around the house in without bashing everything in sight! Have a great Christmas and new year. Nina x