Assistance with home improvements

Hi, my brother who has MS lives alone in Belfast. He wants to redecorate his son’s bedroom for when his son stays with him. Does anyone have any ideas of who I can employ to redecorate a room, bearing in mind that my brother cannot empty the room prior to any work starting. Also there will be rubbish to take to the nearest top too. I’d like to pay for this for him, if it’s not too expensive

  • Local friends or contractors to strip out the room.
  • Contractors doing the work should be asked to price in the removal of waste as they go.
  • DFG (disabled facilities grant) a possibility but not if the room is for the exclusive use of a non-disabled person.
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I’ll keep trying, the two contractors I contacted seemed shocked when I asked them to clear the room but maybe I was just unlucky.
Thankyou for your reply.

Not unlucky, but they won’t like being asked to do something outside their normal scope. They can always subcontract it but if they want the lucrative part of the job, they need to handle this extra bit as well. Contractors do love a moan!

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If the painters aren’t interested, maybe a local handyman with a van?

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