Asprin and fatigue

Just saw this and thought it was interesting. It may end up being a complete waste of time but you never know - watch this space I guess.



I can spot a several holes in it (especially the duration of the study - FAR too short!), but my biggest issue is the fact that I can’t take aspirin which would be absolutely flippin’ typical if it turned out to be effective!

I wouldn’t rush off to start taking aspirin anyone - it has some potentially serious side effects apart from anything.

Thanks for posting this though Reemz. It’s nice to know that there are people out there trying to find something to help with fatigue.

Karen x

Agree length is way too short and defo wouldn’t be going out and stocking up and the asprin. But it’s nice they’e trying to look for drugs to combat fatigue - there’s so little out there as you say.

It’s interesting looking at who’s doing what trials.