Ask Gp or wait until after MRI?

Until 6 months ago never went to see Gp, but now always seem to be there! Had vision problems, but optician said not ON ,going to see eye specialist this Weds and waiting for an MRI. But after lots of research and lots of blood tests, I know my thyroid is ok, I do not have Lupus and it looks like auto immune, been told I have Raynards. Also had nerve conduction study, not carpel tunnel. But not sure about Vitamin B12 def, Hughes syndrome or Parkinson’s. I am a 41 year old woman with a family history of early menopause but on the Depo injection so do not have periods and would get a false reading if I had my hormone level checked. Gp has done loads of blood tests and seen Rheumatoligst who ordered loads more. Gp and Rheumatoligst thought I should see Neuro and have an MRI. Seen Neuro who put me on beta blockers Proprananol for migraine and numb arm. Still waiting for MRI. In limbo and my mind is all over the place, want to know that they have looked into everything. Hoping to get MRI in a few weeks. Not sure if I should bother Gp or wait? What have others done? Thanks

Hi there,

Sorry, I’m a bit confused (as I expect you are), as there’s a lot of stuff going on.

What is the new development that you’re considering going to the doctor about, but not sure?

It seems as if most symptoms either have been, or are being investigated, one way or another.

Do you mean about the vision problems? I think all your GP could do would be refer you to a specialist, but since your optician (I think???) has already done this, I don’t see any advantage in raising it separately with the GP as well.

Is there something else you feel the medics don’t know about/isn’t being investigated?

If you mean about Vitamin B12, Hughes Syndrome or Parkinson’s, I don’t know, but would think the first two would already be tested as part of the battery of blood tests you’ve already had/are having (they were for me).

I’m not sure there is any specific test for Parkinson’s (a bit like MS), but presumably you will have a follow-up with the neuro once the MRI result is known? This may shed light on what it could or couldn’t be…

Not sure if this has really answered your question?


Hi Apple,

If you mean should you see your GP regarding your vision problems - unless they’ve got dramatically worse then I’d wait until Wednesday when you see the eye specialist.

As for the actual tests that you’ve had done so far, it’s normal for a GP to do some run of the mill blood tests first as something could pop up that he can easily treat you for himself. I think the fact that your GP referred you to a rheumy who has run more tests and he’s then referred you to a neuro, is going to mean more tests - the mri being one of them.

Unless anything has significantly changed then wait and see what the mri shows. The neuro may already have more tests in mind. Other than that, when you do see your neuro again maybe it’d be best to write down the questions you have and put them to him, if nothing else this will put your mind at rest that all avenues have been exhausted.

I don’t know how long it’s taken you so far to get to this stage in the diagnostic process but unfortunately - as we all know only too well - it can take some time to get some answers.

The only thing I can suggest is to contact your GP or neuro if things change for the worse whilst you’re waiting.

Hope that helps, even a little…

Good luck

Debbie xx

Hi, I think you mean should you see GP now about being tested for B12, Hughes and Parkinsons?

I would say no. Chances are you have been tested for B12 (although you should ask GP next time you go but I expect it has been done). Neuro will have a lot more info when they have your MRI results.

I know (believe me I know) how frustrating it is having symptoms and feeling a mental whirl of what can possibly be wrong… and reading on the internet of all sorts of conditions with similar symptoms. But the fact of the matter is that you have to be patient and wait for tests and see what the neuro thinks. You are absolutely on the right track… MRI and neuro… to start that process, which unfortunately can be long and slow. There is no way round it.

Sorry if this is blunt advice but there simply isn’t a ‘fast track’. It is extremely frustrating and scary but you have to try to take a ‘one day at a time’ approach. Try not, however tempting it is, to spend time on the internet looking at symptoms. Reassure yourself that your GP has set up the standard investigations and hopefully you’ll have some answers soon. At this point the GP can do no more then prescribe something to help with pain relief.

Take care and hope you get your MRI appointment soon.

Pat x

Thanks for the replies. Sorry I did not make myself clear, hard to think straight in my own head, never mind putting it down in print. I ment to see Gp to see that they have considered everything. Asked about MS a few months ago and Gp said she did not think so. But my sister has it, so more aware than most. Although she lives abroad so it’s hard. Neuro just told me to write in my diary, any sudden or big changes. Notgetting any worse, so see that as a positive, but do have good and bad days. Constant headache and lack of sleep do not help! Just feel alittle lost. Thanks again