As Good as it's going to get?


Just wondering if this is now me or whether there is hope that lingering symptoms could improve.

I was diagnosed earlier this year within 5 weeks so needless to say I haven't had lots of things happening in the past to know as much as you guys guess there is pro's and con's of living where I do in terms of being scanned and seeing specialists!

I started Avonex after my 2nd MRI back in summer as had a couple of new lesions, after 3 months of Avonex no new ones so specialist was pleased as was Neurologist. 

Although mainly I am fine there is still the odd day where there are the odd thing irritates me but then goes again. I still haven't been brave enough to try heels but I am seeing a phsyio who deals with MS patients at our hospital who thinks my leg weakness is due to muscle weakness as opposed to MS she is hopeful to give me back my confidence.

Will the lingering things ever go or is this as good as it gets?


Hi Tracey

Sorry-but the answer is-how long is a piece of string?

We are all so different-no 2 experiences the same.

You will find your way. It wont be the same as mine or the next poster but it will be right for you.

Its good to be aware of your symptoms but try not to get too focussed on them, that would drive u bonkers!

Good luck with the heels!

Ellie x

Hello Tracey,

                       I have to echo the last poster, as there are no two people with MS who are alike. And you are fairly new to this MS lark, and so very much can happen after your last relapse. Overall, it seems best to relax and watch your condition, but don't get too obsessed with it. The only thing about MS that is the same for us all, is that relaxation is good for us.

                         Best of luck,


Hi, yeh, t`other respondents are can say where your own particular MS journey will take you.

If you have muscle weakness, then maybe physio can help.

try your best to keep mobile. i was forced into a wheelie quite early on, due to loads of nasty falls and fatigue. Hence I now have muscle wasting.

chin up, girl, keep battling. There is still a good life to be lived, even with MS.


Luv Pollx


MS Specialist physio would take a different view. Mine is happy that I am so focussed on the exercises and that I still have good posture (fairly) even though I have a couple of weak muscles trying to hold up my right shoulder.

Peaks and troughs, there will be some fluctucation. Try one of my mantras - tomorrow will be a better day.



In my experience it is not helpful to look ahead. I was dx in 1995 and was convinced that life as I knew it had come to an end. As the years progressed I find that I cope best by not looking forward or back. I never compare the present me with the old healthy me (to be honest I can barely remember her) and I try not to contemplate what may lay ahead.

Recently I had to look back over the last 3 years or so to come to a SP dx but now that’s done I can go back to living in the present. I sound like one of Ceasar Milan’s dogs but I really do live in the moment.