As good as it gets?

My consultant has suggested I try a neuro-psychologist - what can they do? Thanks.


Hi Trike56, Don’t know maybe someone else has had experience their willing to share, but everything and anything is worth a try with this horrible illness.

hope you try it and it helps.

Pauline xx


Hi Trike56,

I saw saw a neuro phsycolagist, they firstly asses your level of cognative disability, then help you find ways to deal with the problems.

my assesment was years ago and even then I had a long wait for an appointment because the actual assesment can take 2hours.

after that the appointments are about half an hour, with me it was finding the best ways to deal with the various cognative difficulties I was having.

The lady I saw was really lovely, nothing at all to be scared of. When she felt she’d helped as much as she could I stopped going but was told I could ask to go back to her at any time. I did in fact see her again about three or four years ago, once again she was able to lead me in the direction of finding the solution myself. I actually found it fascinating.

Hope you get a lot of help from it, I certainly did. Let us know how you get on.

Nina x


Hi Trike56

Give it a go nothing to be gained by not going, it will only add to your list of experience. This wonderful disease has many facets and your Neuro has maybe spotted something that may help you. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

Good luck Don.


Yes, please let us know how you get on. I’ve not experienced this but it sounds interesting and suggestions that help you might help some of us too if you’re up to sharing any pointers they have. Like everyone has said, you can only gain something from your visit.

Cath xx


Thank you all for your encouragement. I shall make the appointment and see how it goes. It may be an antidote to seemingly being put on the scrap-heap when there is a life to be lived.


Update - I saw the neuro-psychologist, who was very pleasant and tried to help. In a nutshell - if you are suffering from clinical depression there is medication and (Cognative Behaviour Therapy) courses that can help; but, if you have occasional colloquial depression/fed-up days it is understandable (!) and it is a case of pulling yourself together and getting on with it. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms - it is not only the bad hand of cards that life has dealt but how we deal with those cards. There is no magic cure.

At least I tried, and can say that the neuro-psychology option has been explored.


Great to hear you did it! I guess not the news you found most helpful, it’s all well and good finding coping mechanisms, when were down we don’t usually have the inclination to use them, I suppose it’s reassuring to know your not alone and not ready for the psyche unit.

Since your initial post I attended a workshop on managing emotions run through the MS society via regional neurology hospital it was a group session held for 2 hours by a neuro psychologist. She was v.good at getting everyone to participate. General feeling was same triggers for MSers ,frustration,the unknown,guilt etc, looked at what positives we have learnt like valuing others more than material items appreciating the natural world around us etc, what coping mechanisms we already use and could use that help.

I think for me it was good to hear my thoughts are much the same as other’s.

Keep sharing

Pauline x


Hi trike 56,

Sounds a very disappointing outcome compared to the results I had…did she not give you various tests to asses your cognitive function?

If your depression is clinical or a case of learning to deal with the rotten side effects of MS …she could have been a little more gentle than telling you to learn to live with it!

Mine helped me to find coping mechanisms and was generally so very supportive. I am truly sorry you didn’t get a more sympathetic physcolagist …the whole purpose of a neurophsyc is to help specifically people with brain related illnesses such as MS.

Maybe your MS nurse could refer you to a better one?

Good luck,

Nina x

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Hi Trike, I agree, the outcome wasn’t what I expected and I think I’d be a bit disappointed going to see someone to hear that. It’s true that we all cope differently but surely with ms they should be more understanding. We have a hell of a lot more to cope with than someone who’s well and a response like that is really unhelpful. I’m with Nina, speak to your nurse, there are more sympathetic people out there.

Cath x