Army medical discharge tier 3 award

Now i know the title doesnt mean anything much to most of you, but as some of you will know im in the Army , well at least till the 6 Dec i was diagnosed with SPMS in June last year and was medically discharged.

I had applied for PIP and was awarded standard for both which i was happy enough with at the time. Well now ive been awarded a tier 3 medical discharge from the Army which is the best you can get and states you will never work again blah blah ,but this now means im entitled to AFIP which is the same as PIP but means i get the higher rate for both sections for life no time limit and no more interviews.

Very happy with this never saw this coming and maybe shows the armed forces are coming out of the dark ages where medical discharges are concerned.

By the way AFIP is still paid by the DWP just means they pay it instead of trying to fight it lol.

Kind Regards.


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Well done Iain.

I’m sure you have mixed feelings about the end of your career. It’s an odd feeling, but when you realise that your working life is completely over, it’s good to know your income is safe, but also a sad thing.


A friend who was in the army for over 20 years was diagnosed with m.s. three years after he’d left the army.

Reviewing old medical records he saw he had consulted the medics for temporary loss of vision in one eye and a problem with leg weakness whilst in the army.

It was accepted that he was showing distinct features of m.s. whilst a soldier and he was awarded an army pension because of this although he had left the army some years previously.

(Not sure what level of pension he got.)

None of us plan these things. But when the time comes to be turned out into the Big Field in terms of employment, it is a blessing when it happens on favourable terms. Onward and upward.


Ive served 28 years and we have a medical every year, although i did say at times during some of the medicals that things were not right it was the old adage of man up and suck it in. Only when my legs gave way one day and i saw the new MO and she had a dicky fit that the truth came out.

The armed forces will not accept blame for ms parkinsons or mn so will not pay out damages., and normally will only discharge you on a tier 1 or 2 which means you cant do a job in the forces but your fine for civy street lol, so for me to be awarded a 3 which is the best you can get was a shock. My friends over at MS Mutual are also shocked and over the moon.

Its a relief knowing that even though im now retired at 52 im going to be ok money wise.

Kind Regards all.