Arm swinging

Not sure how this fits in with MS, but lately I’ve noticed my left arm doesn’t swing at my side like my right arm when walking. Does any one else have this or does any one have any idea about it?? It’s quite strange!!

Jules x

in short yes.
My first relapse i lost controll of my whole right arm. It was like a dead wheight that just hung by my side. And eaven when i tried lifting it i could only get it about whaste high (hand that is) the good old steroids sorted it out pretty sharpish tho.

Thanks for your reply, but other than it not really swinging when I walk, it works fine. Very strange! :?

I just want to add… this is something I’ve noticed recently and doesn’t happen all the time, it still swings, just not as much as the other arm and my arms both works fine.

It’s probably something of nothing, but being in this horrible ‘limbo’ place I think I am trying too hard to decipher what my body is doing and over looking into things.

I think I need to stop it!! :slight_smile:

I’m going to see the neuro tomorrow so I am trying to write down what to say to him, so my mind s very much over anxious right now!!