Arm Pain Help Needed

Has anyone suffered with the following?

I have a strange knot like pain in my right arm in the batwing area, it feels bruised but isnt, it also feels like theres a lump but there is no lump. I have had it since i came back of my hols in sept.

I thought it may have mean from a mozi bite but now wonder if it is anyting to do with ms or the rebif injections although i try not to inject in this area.

I know i should go to doctors but i keeo puting it off.

thanks for listening


Hi Wendy,

Sorry not had this one although I do have regular aching muscle in both lower arms. Think seeing gp may be your best option.


Hi Wendy not diagnosed but i have this. Its AGONY. The first time I had it i thought i was having a heart attack. The pain in my arm was imense. It feels like a knot and a lump just like you said. Also it feels as though it is going under my armpit and across my breast that is why the first time i had it the GP did an ECG.

This time is worse, and is also affecting my neck and my shoulder now too. I can hardly get dressed or put my arm up in any position. When i woke this morning I couldnt feel my arm or my hand the pins and needles were really bad, my arm was sooooooo asleep then it woke up and the pain started again.

It just aches and aches and is hard to type too.

I really feel for you if you have similar to me lol.

My GP said it was the nerve endings and gave me diazepam which i use sparingly but sometimes in the last few weeks with it still going on i have had to resort to taking one just to get back to sleep.

I feel for you truly. Big hugs. xx