Are your Carers documented on NHS SystmOne?

Some bossy advice:

Talk to your GP and tell them who cares or helps you with Daily Living. Get this care info onto the NHS computer database SystmOne - getting your MS Nurse or GP to write a care plan is a good way to do this.

Worth knowing - all health care professionals, GPs, doctors, dentists and the police, have access to your NHS data on SystmOne. One centralised database they can all tap into - a bit like Facebook!

The “Carers” section on the NHS computer system at your GP’s surgery need this info completed:

Carers- ### Document relationships with anyone who cares for the client in a professional or personal capacity.

  • Keep a detailed record, including contact details, of any person who may be next of kin, power of attorney or a key holder.

  • Record individual assessments of any carers involved in looking after a client.

  • Perform joint assessments on both the client and the carer to save time and link both records.

This is important info kept online about you - my advice is - keep all care with Daily Living documented - up to date - via your GP or MS Nurse, OT etc.,. and on the SystmOne database.

This social care evidence is essential for DWP ESA and PIP claims.

For example, when you ask your GP for a letter in support of your PIP claim, they already have evidence of care registered with then on your NHS SystmOne file - they can simply add this info on your Daily Living care into a letter to the DWP.

Take care.



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