It's PIP Re-assessment time

It has been a while since I posted here, a lot has happened with people dying, moving home and picking up new illnesses.

It’s only been about a year since I had a PIP medical, I think, might be longer.

But now I also have angina, wear leg braces, both my shoulders are screwed and something screwy with my blood, which is the real reason I am here to ask about. I will do that in its own thread.

So, first thing on Monday I have another PIP assessment where I will be dehumanised and that isn’t even the worst part as we know.

It’s the part that comes after that. If you get an award letter then yay, if you get a knock back its time for hell and financial hardship.

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Have you got a care plan?

You can avoid these ATOS PIP assessments by coordinating your own written social care assessment - a care plan - with

healthcare professionals like your GP, OT, physio, MS Nurse. Let them into your life and get them to assess your needs.

Their documents cover daily living and mobility scores. Send these off with your PIP form and the ATOS assessor won’t need to see you. Basically do their work for them.


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i never made a care plan because my husband and sons help me with what needs to be done.

now i have to go to tribunal because my PIP assessor said i was not ill enough!

so DO make a care plan!

carole x

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Creating social care evidence for PIP.

Just to add to Carole’s comment - my Care Plan includes all of the help I get from relatives, with cooking, washing dressing,

driving me places etc.,. You don’t need to have paid carers named on your Care Plan. Informal care counts too.

So add signed statements on what care your relatives or friends give counts and can be sent with your PIP form under Question 15.

You have right to a care plan ask your GP and take a 30 min appointment to do. MSers are an “at risk” group and are suppose to register care with their GP anyway.

For example: How often do you have falls?


  • draw up a care plan to help you pro-actively manage your care
  • GPs will then provide you with same day telephone consultations or follow up when you have urgent enquiries or questions about your condition or care


"General practice (GPs) treat all common medical conditions and refer patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment. They focus on the health of the whole person combining physical, psychological and social aspects of care."



Thank you Fay for that information. I always thought you only had a care plan if you had professional care, I will start looking into it.

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