Are these pip tricks


I had my pip assessment yesterday with a woman who was very nice and seemed to understand. However the other side o me iis thinking she was friendly and nice t so i felt a false sense of security which i did. I had to do two tests which id not done before, one was to look at three objects and remember them the other was to fold a tissue and rip it, i did both. Today i feel i let myself down and i should have slowed the appointment down and took my time answering questions instead of being put under pressure.

Anyone else had to do these tests.

Im so worried and stressed by this. I was diagnosed with ppms just over a week ago.

Thanks Christine

Try not to worry too much you don’t need the extra stress . I didn’t have those tests but I am sure they have a wide range of options they can use to test you depending on what your main troubles are .

If things don’t go the way you won’t appeal worked for me . It’s their job to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so don’t read to much into that .

Take care. Katy

Thanks Katy,

Still stressed today about it, also my daughter who went with me is so upset because she froze and was little help t me.Now its the long wait.

Hi, I understand how you feel. I always perform an autopsy on how I behaved after the event.

But your sensible side will be telling you not to waste your precious energy on things you can’t change!

Ease up on yourself and good luck with the results.


Me too i perform a autopsy on everything. Not had a drink in years but feel likei need one now, Not sure how that will affect my symptoms.


remembering 3 objects looks at memory function (mental capability). Ripping paper / tissue looks at physical ability with hands (grip, hold, touch) and looks at physical ability.

it is not a trick

all the best


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I am not sure which of the PIP descriptors these tests would apply to, though maybe someone else could tell you. Here’s a list of the activities/descriptors and points for each one:

You’ve possibly seen this before, but in case you haven’t, it’s quite useful to have them listed.

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