So I was admitted into hospital because I had uncontrollable jerking, they said there and then I had something called mycolonus. Since being home and awaiting my second mri on my spine ive been in severe pain in my legs and arms, numbess, tingling in my hand, heaviness in both legs and arms, throbbing/aching teeth-gum-jaw and today ive got a tight band around my right arm anyone get these symptoms with MS? I feel poorly all the time but cant explain how its awful anyone feeling the same as me? I had an MRI on the brain but that showed no lesions. Poppy

Hello Poppy x

All those symptoms can be seen in MS but also several other illnesses too x

What did they say is causing your symptoms? Have you seen someone to discuss the results and next steps?? xxxjenxxx

They aren’t sure yet… im awaiting my next appt with my neurologist. My mum has MS so even though its not actually inherited im having my doubts. They said they knows its definately something neuro but dont want to say if it is MS untill they are sure. Do you have any ideas how i can deal with the discomfort? They wont give me any painkillers for nerves until they knows for sure the cause, im on morphine but its not helping. Thankyou for taking the time to talk Poppy xxxxx

I don’t have any ideas I’m afraid Poppy x I’m in the same position - they won’t give me anything at the moment either as they reckon there is more than one thing going on x but like you I have oramorph that I take when my lower back is really bad (car accident 16 yrs ago)

All we can do is play the waiting game x I’m just resting as much as I can tbh x I haven’t been out of the house apart from doctors appointments for 3 months - twice I went out to town for luch with my hubby but suffered for it afterwards !

Just hang on in there until your neuro appointment - keep a list of symptoms & questions ready - hopefully you will get some answers then xxxjenxxxx