Anyone with MS in or near Wiltshire?

Hi I have done a page on facebook ‘raising awareness for multiple sclerosis and brain tumour research’. My dad has progressive ms and is in a wheelchair and we lost a dear friend to a brain tumour. I will do my best to raise money for both charities to fund the research we need. Are there any people in or around wiltshire? Thank you. X

Lots in Wiltshire, actually.

Just remember it’s a big, empty, county, and people with MS go to at least four different District Hospitals (RUH, Bath; GWH Swindon; Southampton; and Andover), and there is virtually no MS Society presence in the county.

You might get a better response if you said where you are based.


I’m in Andover Hampshire just a short drive to Salisbury and Amesbury.

I am Andover too!

Hi Thank you for the replies. My dad has progressive multiple sclerosis and he is in a wheelchair and my mum cares for him at home, with some help. The reason why I have asked this is because I thought it would be nice for them to speak to people and maybe meet up with people in the same situation. He is located in Devizes area, so that is close. I have created two facebook pages. One called Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers and Home Carers in Wiltshire or uk . This page is created to give people in Wiltshire or uk with ms or caring for, a chance to have a voice and speak to people in the same situation. As a daughter I know it’s not easy for you all. Also I have created a page called raising awareness for multiple sclerosis society and brain tumour research. As I am doing as many things as I can to raise money for the charities, so we can get the funds up and raise the money that they both need. My dad has ms and we lost a dear family friend to a brain tumour, she was only 44. So these are two charities close to my heart. Please add yourselves. I have two just giving pages. One called remember Julie Kember and one called Raising Awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. My mum and dad don’t know many locally in the same situation and I thought it be good to get something together. So please like the page and add yourself to the group. Thank you x

Hi there,

I live in Swindon and visit the Therapy Centre there for weekly Hyper baric oxygen treatment. It is a very friendly place with lots of different activities-socially and treatments that can help with symptoms such as physio,yoga, massage etc… I would suggest you get in touch with them-just google Swindon Therapy Centre for MS and you can get the number/email. The staff are so welcoming and both your mum and dad can visit to meet up with other people with MS and their carers.

Good luck with your fund raising-your dad is lucky to have such a caring daughter.


So there are more people here in Andover with MS :slight_smile: Must admit I’m not really the get out and meet people type. Have a couple of good friends (who don’t have MS) and that’s about it.