Anyone take DHEA supplements?


I was wondering if anyone takes DHEA supplements? Our bodies make DHEA which helps maintain a healthy immune system and I know of research scientists working with DHEA who take it as a supplement from middle age (where i am) when our own levels take a nose dive.

I can’t find any info on DHEA and MS so just wondered if anyone here had any experience wth it? I will ask my Neurologist but I’m not due to see him till September.

I can’t work out whether taking something that effects our immune system will be helpful or harmful considering the auto immune nature of MS…

Thanks muchly.

I have to be honest that I don’t know much about DHEA but I’m sure I read somewhere that we shouldn’t take echinacea as we don’t need need our immune systems to work any harder. Sorry but I don’t know any more than that.

I get my flu jab every year now as we’re entitled to that but otherwise I just take vit D & C

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia. I didn’t know that about echinacea, I always used to take that at the first sniffle of a cold and found it really helpful. After my first MS event I started taking it daily but stopped after 15 months as I was started to get jittery and achey in one arm which went away when I stopped taking it (it was a really stressful time for me so not sure what was behind it really).

I’ve had to cancel my flu jab twice this year as every time my appointment comes up I’m in the middle of another cold or another event .

Thanks again, much appreciated.


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Hello Suzy 72,

interesting to hear your question! but have any knowledge about bee polen ??

julien x (av a happy one)

Hi Julien, I’m sorry I was completely unaware of bee pollen as a supplement until you mentioned it. Amazing the things we can tap into to try to help fix us up :o)

Hi Suzy, thing is though, i was tol it was good for our system! , so i quite happily took spoonful of the

little leg ball’s then i read your post, & thought??? EM!! if the tee is a problem then the pollen wil be!! i think?

Julien x ta,