Anyone heard of seizures associated with MS

A friend of mine with MS has recently been in intensive care, on a ventilator after a seizure. I don’t know if they put her on the ventilator because her breathing had stopped or because they had to sedate her to stop the seizure. I’ve been told the second is more likely. Has anyone heard of seizures caused by MS?


I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

I have heard of it, yes, but it’s not common. I think there is a slightly increased risk of epilepsy with MS, but I couldn’t quote stats, sorry.


The Barts & London blog have covered this subject a few times and their search facility is pretty good.

Hi, I was dx in 2000 and up until about two years ago I was relapsing remitting. Since becoming secondary progressive I have had 4 seizures. I was told last year I now also have epilepsy.

MS - the disease that keeps on giving eh?


sorry to hear about your friend, hope she recovers,in 5% of cases of ms,breathing can be affected in late stage MS.

Thanks everyone, especially to whammel for the Barts link. My poor friend has now been transferred to our nearest big teaching hospital and has been in hospital for 10 days. I am really upset and worried for her and for her family - her youngest child is only 8.

Hi hun, what a thing for your friend to be going through especially with children. At least though she is in the right place, and they can hopefully evaluate her, and find meds which will help.

It looks as though i am going to be diagnosed with rare Transient Eplipetic Amnesia just waiting for the EEG now but have been told its likely i have it, as I have had episodes of loosing my memory etc, and ended up in hospital recently.

I have read a lot about epilepsy and MS now, and there does seem to be a link. I hope your friend gets all the help she needs

hope your friend is ok ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))

J x