Anyone have...Addison's disease with MS?

My blood chemistry is haywire. I’m seeing the endocrinologist, and have had a Synacthen test ( this is the third time I’ve had it, always negative previously).

The symptoms of Addison’s do overlap a lot with MS, but I’m wondering if my enormous fatigue levels and tendency to hypotension, plus sodium deficiency, might be due to Addison’s and if so whether medication might restore some quality of life which is AWOL at the moment.

Any experiences?

Kev x

Hi Kev, so sorry you didn’t get any replies. I can’t help you either, other than to say I do know a lady with Addison’s who copes remarkably well with with daily injections and a careful diet.

hope you get it sorted soon,


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Hi Leg I have no answers either sorry mate.


Hi Kev, sorry to hear you’re so unwell. I’m sorry, I’m not much help either but I hope there’s someone who can. Have you considered posting on one of the other boards as there might be sufferers who have RR? There are a lot more people on those boards. I hope you get answers and feel better soon. Take care.

Cath x

Hi KeV

Sorry to hear that things are difficult for you, hope you feel better soon.

Take care

Pam x