Anyone else !!!

Is it JUST me, or do others have trouble when out in the shops,i am sick to death of people looking at me, as though i have 2 heads,out on my scooter today at a checkout in the snobby Marks and spencers and said excuse me to this awful snobby woman, who looked at me like she had trod on something,i felt like slapping her, i really am getting upset over stupid peoples attitude, i always treat people like i would like to be treat, who the hell do they think they are these people,to look at me like that,i know i should ignore it, but why should i,how do others cope, cos i fel like not going out again.

jaki xx

Hi Jaki

99% of people are kind but there’s always the 1%. I had that same look from a woman in Sainsbury’s this morning, I don’t know if she was being rude or just having a bad day herself and not really concentrating on what she was doing.

Even an old chap I know, who has had MS for over 30 years said the same thing when he recently was verbally beaten up on a coach because he had the audacity to take a wheelchair on the bus, said the same thing, 99% ok but 1% are rude. (Usually older women in my experience).

I ignore them and just smile and move on. Sometimes seething. I have learnt to stay clear of some shops around Christmas as people are not at their best.

take care

Wendy xxx

Unfortunately you get idiots everywhere you go, but I view them as fools to be pitied (thank you Mr T) - it’s sad that not everybody is as perfect as me! Hold your head high and get back out there, they are the minority who spoil it for everyone else. I know it can be difficult, but you are obviously a better person than them, they are not worth it.

Luisa xxx

Oh Jaki, DO NOT allow these ignorant people to stop you going out where and when you want to.

Most folk I meet are polite, but those that aren`t have to go home with themselves, not us thank goodness!

Hold your head high…you have NOTHING to be afraid, ashamed or embarassed about.

We are the lucky ones…the rude ones are the unfortunate ones…they have no empathy with their fellow man or woman!


much luv, Polly xxxxxxx

How horrible, I am thinking of getting a scooter to help me get around, luckily we don’t have a M&S near by! I think we should complain en-mass, too many companies pay lip service to disabled customers. Give 'em hell Jaki. All the best, Peter

Thanks for your kind words Poll, i am just having a down day,normally i let it go, but at times i just see red over it,i have told Andy i think i will just put 2 fingers up to em when it happens again, and then laugh,like a naughty kid, and then see their snobby faces eh lol.

jaki xx

Hi Peter, get a scooter its the best thing i have done, i whizz round all over the place now,much better than the w/c

i wish i had done it years ago, but pride got the better of me,just told Polly i will put 2 fingers up at em, and whizz off,laughing like a naughty kid, i can be so imature at times lol.

dont know what it is with M & S its like they are from another planet,

.Think i will change my name to Madge off of Benidorm,she swears at everyone when they annoy her.

jaki xx

You are so right Luisa,i just get so cross at times,see my other replies in what i am going to do lol.

Yes its a good job they arent all like that, i have had a laugh with some today, i find the younger ones have a laugh with you more than the people my own age, i think the only way is to have a sense of humour over it, because i hate the way they make me feel so cross.


Hi Jaki,

I went along to pub with my friend for our usual Saturday meal, came back and went into Sainsburys - got a bit of shopping then just outside the door a group of girls were giggling and moving all over the place. I stopped the scooter and one girl launched herself backwards towards my scooter, my friend just stood frozen in amazement as they were originally quite a distance away from me. She of course fell onto the floor then this man came over and said: hey you, fancy driving into that young girl!!! Well I was gobsmacked, my friend said: the young girl threw herself towards the scooter. I was upset and like you couldnt wait to get home.

Now I feel anyone who uses a mobility aid is the target of blame no matter whose fault it is. Of course Ill let that one go as I had a witness to what happened and I asked if the girl was ok, but it can knock your confidence.

I blame this hate towards all disabled firmly on the campaign to suggest if you dont work your a shirker and the disabled are right at the top of governments list. Its just not on and definitely unjustified. Its also immoral, but who cares?

Take care and keep motoring. Ignorance is bliss but you know theyre pretty sad characters who need to take it out on others because their own lives are miserable. Dont fall for it.



Cheeky beatch!!! Wouldn’t it be a shame if you “didn’t see her” next time and accidentally ran her down? Of course I could not condone such behaviour if it was done on purpose, but accidents do happen :wink:

L x

What really gets to me are the people who step backwards straight into you without one backward glance. Happens quite often in supermarkets - they just do not appreciate that if you are coming down the aisle with two sticks that you just cannot stop dead.

The next worst is the people who are in such a rush to get past you that they walk between you and the stick - and then glare at you for getting in their way. You do learn to smile sweetly and say sorry - right after the stick has made contact with a shin.

I think they must all be related to the folk who will not even try get out of the way of an ambulance.


I had one charming old gent (sarcasm!) who accidentally kicked my crutch out from under me in the supermarket queue and then when I lost my balance and half fell, grabbing a display stand and bumping into him in the process had the gall to say, “Watch what you’re doing!”

Bloody old git…


Hi Jaki, please don’t let these kind of people but you off going out on you’re scooter, I can be very outspoken, if they look at me in what I think is a funny way, I just say is there something wrong, I tell you they soon turn away red faced, my husband says, they can’t believe that someone who looks so good has to use a stick/scooter, he’s too kind, you take care, hold you’re head up high, and sod the lot of them, Jean x

Ha Ha, thats just what my partner says to me, i also get told i dont look my age either,so maybe theres some truth in it,maybe they are jealous i ,have decided i am not going to let them get away with it, i can be outspoken too,so i am going to start saying something when i get the dirty looks,i have sent off for a sticker that has 2 fingers and says’ up yer kilt’ so i am going to put that on the back of my scooter seat,and sod the lot of em,tell ya i will be just like Madge off benidorm she tells everyone to p off that upsets her watch this space.

jaki xx

You cant quite believe just how evil some people can be,i find its the older ones that are the worst,and also the ones who ought to know better,the well educated ones,sod em all,i have decided to strike back,ya cant keep me down for long, been through much,seen it all.

Where can I get one of those stickers?!

[quote=Chis]Where can I get one of those stickers?![/quote

Ebay, just type it in the box on ebay £1.49 inluding postage, well worth it lol.

jaki xx

Agree with others… MOST people are nice and helpful… even when they do walk into the scooter without looking they usually say sorry, but SOME people are so incredibly rude and can really upset your whole day.

Don’t let the basta*ds grind you down. One day they will remember that incident and cringe at the memory (well, let’s hope they will anyway).

AND let’s not forget that this Government backed up by the tabloids have made a few stupid people think that we’re all scroungers.

Pat x

Had that on a bus! Had a walking stick with me getting on and I think because I looked young (I hoped as at the time 39yrs old) two elderly ladies hassled me from behind even though there was no queue!