Anyone else get this?

Hi everyone!

just needing some advice if you can please guys on some problems (most likely MS probs) please?

I have been having terrible issues with my legs and feet lately. I have had a horrible numbness sensation in my legs and feet of late. It is a horrible feeling and when I put my knees together (just lightly,not pressed firm or anything), you know as if you are just laying down on your back with your legs laying out straight in front of you - type of thing; I get this feeling of numbness mixed with a horrid feeling of like an almost ‘Static’ feeling if either leg touches each other. It doesn’t hurt so far but it is unbearable and keeps me awake most of the night, as I am just unable to sleep or even just get relaxed to just rest properly.

My feet are also numb and have the same problems as my legs. I am at the end of my tether :frowning:

I have a nurses appointment coming up in a few days, so I will obviously be telling them and hopefully getting some help but I thought I would also ask you guys too. As maybe then I would have some idea of what (if anythng) can be offereed to me to combat this!

So have you had this and what has helped you sort this out please?


Anna x

hi anna

i have had the numbness along with tingling and pins and needles since before i was diagnosed in 2008.

the pins and needles responded well to thiamin prescribed by my gp.

however after 3 months it came back and then also in my hands.

amitriptyline seems to damp it down a little but it makes me sleep.

basically i’m saying that certain medications can help.

thiamine is a b vitamin so try a good B complex supplement.

ask for your blood tests to include all the B vits because B12 is often low in people with ms.

go with an open mind because i’m a little resistant to popping more pills, we are all unique!

carole x

ps i have learned to live with it.

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