Anyone else ever been tempted to imitate an anonymous poster?

Someone has been posting in a very annoying way, anonymously but repeatedly on one thread. I have been so tempted to post anonymously in the style of this person, apologising for everything I previously said and saying everyone else was right and I was wrong. Would that be funny - how annoyed would the anonymous poster be? I think I might be ashamed afterwards so I’m confessing my evil idea rather than doing it.

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They do say confession is good for the soul. But …

Yes, that would be funny. And, yes, it probably would get up the nose of the annoying poster.




if i dont like what i am reading then i just stop and move on. simply because i refuse to give someone else control of my emotions/reactions. i find it empowering to say that i am in control so i will decide (its taken me a while to realise that but getting stressed doesnt help me so i have learnt a few tricks to reduce/change it)

i am glad to see you have ‘got it out’ on here safely tho.


what you’re planning to do is become a ‘glove-puppet’ or ‘sock-puppet.’

It’s when someone answers their own message on a site, not always anonymously.

a pointless activity!

You mean ‘anon’ isn’t always the same person

You’ve shattered my illusion.


Annie B

i thought it was the same person too!

somebody with an identity crisis!

i find this all amusing

i’m so easily entertained.

carole x


it just gets dafter and dafter. I do reply to some anon posts if I think I have anything to offer in the way of support/advice.

if I think they are playing some kind of silly/malicious game, then I read but dont reply.

It is up to each of us to do what we think best for us.

Report any posts you find offensive, reply or ignore…whatever, eh?


I’ve never had that particular temptation (have rather been tempted just to tell the annoying person two words ending in “OFF” - especially when it is a persistent offender - but have so far managed to resist, and just go and pour myself a drink instead).

But kudos to you for admitting the thought, BUT not doing it. I agree it would be “payback” to the original Anon, who had been making repeated obstreperous or ignorant remarks, but don’t forget the mods can always see who you are, even if you go anon (don’t believe I ever have, nor am I likely to - unless it’s something really acutely embarrassing - and I don’t mean just wee & poo).

Also it would be confusing to the genuine posters, who would see the “Anon” as even more psychotic than they may at first have appeared, if they suddenly recant everything they’ve previously said, and act like butter wouldn’t melt…

I think “Anons” are already quite confusing at times (where you get several in one thread, and they’re not all the same person), but Anons pretending to be other Anons would take it to a whole new dimension!

Yes, glancing through the other replies, I have certainly witnessed the “sock puppet” phenomenon (not necessarily on these boards) where one poster pretends to be someone else, in order to reply to their own posts. Usually to post in support of their own views, and give the impression they’re more widely shared than they really are, but occasionally to pose as a “troll” attacking them. I have known people post really horrible things to themselves, presumably with the motive that they get the attention they crave, because everybody rallies round, and says: “Oh, you poor thing - that was really out of order!” I have even suspected somebody I thought I knew quite well (not here!) of doing it, because random people seemed to keep popping up, attacking him for no reason. Then the awful reality began to dawn that he had multiple online identities, and was getting a kick out duping people into thinking he was the victim of unprovoked attacks, when he was doing them himself, so all his fans would say: “There, there.”




if you fancy baiting trolls, there are far better places than this.

there have been only a small number of posts in here which have provoked a less than positive response in me (which is deleted just before i have the chance to click the ‘post’ button).

i see this forum as a valuable resource for support, consolation and information. i would hate to contribute to anything that might dilute this quality, irrespective of my motives for doing such.

but that’s just me. this place is more of a community to some… avatar ‘competitions’ and xmas banter etc. it’s not all business! and so if part of that is troll impersonations for entertainment, then have at it!



It’s pretty creepy or even sad that someone does that…weird.

Perhaps it was someone with a split personality and they’d fallen out with themselves. Sorry, it’s been a long day

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I’ve decided not to reply to any ‘anon’ posts that look suspect to me, & I’m sure there’s been a few of them lately. There’s nothing that I’d feel the need to post ‘anonymously’ but I understand that not everyone feels that way.

Reading back through the ‘anon’ posts, there’s some that have been going on for months & keep popping up every now & again because ‘anon’ has added something more to keep the thread alive. None of the advice asked for is taken, because the same boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/friend problem keeps reappearing. Maybe I’m overly suspicious, but I can’t be the only one, surely?

Rosina x

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Depends what you mean by “suspicious”. Suspicious that a small minority of posters have problems that AREN’T MS, yes - e.g. that they have a distorted pattern of thinking. But not suspicious that the posts aren’t made in good faith. Some people can’t learn from mistakes or advice, and keep harping on about the same thing. I don’t think it means they’re insincere or playing games - I think it means they can’t move on from an unhealthy obsession with something. That’s why they keep returning to it again and again, and can’t seem to profit from any advice offered. It’s potentially a health issue in its own right, but it aint MS.



That was the one I was thinking of posting to - thank goodness I didn’t!

I have decided not to respond to any anonymous posts. If they want advice then there is the alternative user id where noone will recognise them but at least we will be able to call them by some name. Otherwise, how do we tell if it is a serious question rather than someone just having a laugh at our expense.

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This one posts extremely long diatribes with few capital letters and little punctuation - he’s very recognisable. I reckon I could have done a reasonable imitation but only for a few lines. I don’t think he’s having a laugh - he gives the impression that he needs lengthy counselling to get over his anger at the world, his ex and anyone on here who disagrees with him. I wish I hadn’t read his posts in the first place and I won’t be reading any more. I think not responding to anonymous posts is a good rule of thumb, so I’ve learnt something from this (I have a motto “always something new to learn, especially if you don’t know much to start with”).