A troll?

Hello. Hope you’re all doing alright today. Just a quick message, and I hope admin pick this one up. I’ve noticed two messages today posted by ‘Anonymous’ that have been quite cruel actually. I’ve reported one and there’s another on the forum and I’m sure it’s the same ‘person’ as they seem to be in the same kind of , is it context? They read as though they’re from the same person anyway. Keep an eye out xx

Hi Beverley

I read a response to a question today - and was left wondering if from a troll as very blunt and a little bit cruel from an anonymous post.

I’ve reported one post I’ve seen. Too much time on their hands me thinks? :wink: x

Yeah, not nice at all. I’ve reported both now as after reading again I wasn’t impressed. I really get the feeling it’s a troll who’s just gone to a forum to be horrible to people. There’s no way a member would do that. Hopefully will be sorted soon xx

Either someone who wants to be nasty or someone Who is very angry with what they are dealing with, Not being dx yet its very negative to read

typical of any kind of bully… anonymous, spineless and cowardly. if they had a valid point, they’d give their name. well done for reporting them guys x

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