I Don't Trust Anonymous Posts

Sorry if this offends anyone but I really don’t like anonymous posts, unless of course their subject is of an embarrassing nature.

Had to say this as there seems to be more and more anonymous posts being used.


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mmmm, I feel the same Shaz.

luv Pollx

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Me too x

Me three xxx

Hi, there is still the facility to report posts. Please feel free to use it if you’re concerned.




Don’t feed the troll ^


There have been people posting anon who have in the past if I’m not wrong, used the facility to try and dupe people. I have reported s couple of threads this weekend that look a bit suspect. I think that’s what Shazzie was referring to-that’s what I was agreeing with. I fully understand why some people choose on ocassion to go anonymous. X

…err, isn’t that why people have “user names”? You know, to be ‘anonymous’…

For what it’s worth, I certainly don’t go ‘cluck’ and I am most emphatically NOT a pigeon!

I choose to come to this forum to discuss the chronic condition of MS, not the diary of the person otherwise known as Clucker Pigeon.

Mini-rant over.


That made me laugh out loud Clucker Pigeon. I’m definitely not a Blossom-not with my windy problems xx

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Made me chuckle too lol I only post anon if it’s about a embarrassing subject, no-one knows I post here and I was only diagnosed in September, I come here for support and advice on medications which have helped.

Hi Clucker pigeon,

I am Welsh but wish I could run like a pony !!!

Maybe I need to change my name - Old Nag !!! as my wife says.

Can’t see problem of Anon, some people would rather talk that way, than talking to you and getting to personal.


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Totally get what you say anon. It’s just the anons that are going anon for other reasons that get me.

Shazzie xx

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a few month ago when i applied for esa and was refused at the tribunial one off the panel members told me i posted on social media they moniter these and other forums and can tracd us if they want no wonder they cant afford to loock after the ill

by the way i lost ,

great to see such heated debate on the ms forum…

for the record i totally agree with shazzie’s original post and the spirit in which it is meant.

my additional two pence- as this is a forum to share/ empathise and possibly just help each other as we’ve got something in common, i don’t assume to speak for anyone but i’m not sure there’s much that would offend most as:

1] we’re all grown ups

2] no one here hasn’t possibly experienced it before however embarrassing?

whilst i respect anyone’s need for privacy, a name doesn’t have to be an identifier. i think its good to know a name as you attach significance to someone but then again i’m an old-fashioned kind of guy.

in line with all previous posters, i am not fluffy, and my name isn’t ollie :0)

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Thanks fluffyollie.

Glad you got what I meant.

Have a nice day.

Shazzie x

eee, hasnt this caused some reaction!

I think we all know what Shazzie meant by her post.

It could have been due to someone posting looking for research.

genine/a scam? who knows.



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We’d make great detectives…don’t mess with us

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You make me laugh Blossom and Poll. I posted because the anons seem to be getting more and more and I would hate for the board to become all anons and the odd 1 or 2 named users. It would become a bit cold I reckon.

I do understand though why some go anon.

Take care and keep smiling

Shazzie xx

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Oh Jen. You can’t tell me that hehehehe!!!

You best remember and PM me . You make me laugh.

Shazzie xx