Couldn't you anonymous posters call yourselves anon1, anon2 etc

The whole point of this post is in the title. I do have a general policy of ignoring anonymous posts unless there is a reason why they are anonymous. At least if you used an anonymous username, the rest of us would know if we were hearing from someone we’d heard from before. But maybe I’m missing something?

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I must be missing something as I cant see why it matters whether someone posts under anon or not.


Is there actually any means for people to do what you’re asking? I think maybe the forum software just adds the anon title and we don’t get a say in the matter?

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Totally agree with sewingchick here, I have no problem if someone posts anonymously if it is about an embarrassing topic. However, in a long thread it gets very confusing you don’t know which one you are replying to.

ann x

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There is always a reason why they’re anonymous. Usually it’s a good reason, in which case asking people who are anxious to preserve their anonymity to partially identify themselves would defeat the purpose, would it not?

And when someone goes anon for a bad reason - to make personal attacks that they are too craven to own up to, for instance - there are forum rules in place to deal with that. That is how the system works - if you see a dodgy anon post, report it.

Otherwise, I think a bit of live and let live on anon posts is in order. And your idea of ignoring things you prefer not to read is always a good option.



If someone needs to post as “anon” because the topic is very sensative - fine.

If they post anon for fear of the rest of us saying “Oh No, not him/her again” and tearing them to shreds with a few carefully chosen words, then it would be better if they did not post at all.

I have never posted as “anon”, I stand by what I say - and if I am wrong (yes it has happened), I tend to say so publicly.

However … …
I did notice one thread today which looked like someone with a commercial interest.
That is trying to get round the house rules.


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I understand what Sewingchick is getting at - it does get confusing when there are several anons within one thread. I totally get while people prefer at times to remain anon, either because of the private and personal nature of their post, or because of embarrassment. However, where those things don’t apply, perhaps the anon posters could indicate their own postings by a single initial? Or maybe some people should try to get a bit braver! Many of us have posted difficult, embarrassing, controversial questions and answers. Some of us have also posted things that we’ve learnt are just wrong through our journey through the myriad difficulties of rotten MS. I’m certain we have all learnt from each other, and the bravest people who have shared the most difficult issues that affect them have taught us the most. In particular they have taught me to post openly.


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