As a follow on from shephardess post would it not be possible to stop people replying as anon on a post unless the post was anon in the first place. I.e. when a man has an embarrassing question about his manhood he would post it anon.understandably most replys would be anon as well. Don’t see why people should be able to go anon just to attack and criticize when the original poster has given their name… Spudz…

[quote=“Anonymous”] [quote=Anonymous]

[Content removed - abuse of anon facility]

[/quote] Wrong, the anon facility is the ONLY way I will post in future. My identity is now anonymous and it’s staying that way![/quote] I sincerely hope you’re feeling okay in the aftermath of [edited], please seek some help for your anger. That level of fury is no good for you or your relationship.

I agree, Hobbs, Sonia and F.

Getting really cheesed off with all the abuse the mods are getting, not to mention all the other rubbish being thrown around by the odd one or two at the moment. It’s like being back at primary school at times. I dread to think what would happen without the mods.

Shazzie xx

I didn’t see the original post you’re referring to, but I think a problem with your suggestion would be if the original poster was talking about a subject that others may find embarrassing. For example, I’m quite happy to put my name to a topic like incontinence. If I started a post about it though, it’s fair enough that some people would want to make an anonymous reply.

Every post or comment has a tab that means we can report it, so I guess there’s a responsibility for us all to report abusive anonymous posts, then the mods can deal with them. Have abusive comments been creeping back in then? I remember it used to be quite a problem on the old forum we had, but I’ve not noticed anything here now, but then I don’t read everything either. Personally I get my annoyed by people commenting anonymously when it’s not about anything personal or abusive, but that’s probably just my issue : )


Someone who chooses to post anonymously is hardly in a position to ask another user ‘Who are you?!!’

Hear hear Anu & welcome back Spudz

I think it is difficult to not have anon postings - someone may have a personal story to relate which may help another person but they don’t want to let everyone else know what happened to them.

However I would hope that the moderators should be able to identify those people who post anon just to be vicious. Unfortunately we have all seen the stories of young people being bullied on Facebook etc by these trolls until they take their own life. It is impossible for the rest of us to understand why they do it but it happens.

I think we should leave it in the hands of our moderators to remove offensive or unsetting posts but we should also not be afraid to report those posts which fall into this category

Fingers crossed their workload on that remains very light.

JellyBellyKelly x

I don’t understand the ‘Anon’ thing on here at all to be honest! We are all ‘Anon’ aren’t we?? xxxjenxxx

Anon should be removed period. You should just make forum viewable if you register only.

Everyone has a username so it’s not as if your giving your peronal details away.

Good call Hobs, I’ve only posted a couple of anon comments and that’s purely so it’s not too obvious to work colleagues etc. The forums I’ve used before were only ‘open’ to members tho so there was not an option to post Anon and the moderators could weed out spammers and trolls quite easily.

My user name is a bit obvious to people that know me :wink:

Sonia x

Hobs has got a good point. lf we all used a ‘username’ that did not give any clue to our identity - then - there would be no need for the ‘anon’ facility. l know it would take away some of the comarderie we have -but l think we would soon get use to it.


Hobs has got a good point. lf we all used a ‘username’ that did not give any clue to our identity - then - there would be no need for the ‘anon’ facility. l know it would take away some of the comarderie we have -but l think we would soon get use to it.

[/quote] I do not agree. It is right that we should be able to choose our usernames and avatars and make these as near or far from our real selves as we wish. (Whether I am a goat, or a female, or called Alison is my own business.) Free country, and all that. The Anon facility is a useful function. We all know what it is for and what it is not for. The Ts&Cs already cover dealing with Anon being misused for spiteful nonsense, and legitimate board users are not slow to make the point themselves, as recent threads attest. Then things settle down again and normal business resumes. No need to change anything, I don’t think. Alison

I don’t understand why some people, sometimes want to be anonymous - but that’s just because I’m not them, I don’t live their life and I can’t understand someone else’s life and choices any more than they can understand mine.

If someone wants to ‘go anon’ then why stop them? What impact does it have on my life? None. Could it, and does it, help someone get advice and support when they are feeling very vulnerable? Yes. Does that have an impact on their life? Yes, sometimes a huge potentially life-changing one. I have never reached out on a forum when things have got so bad I feel I can’t carry on. But if I did feel comfortable posting about that on a public forum, I may well choose to do it anon. And hopefully be guided to the helpline or somewhere I could get the support I urgently need at that point in my life.

Keep the anon feature, please!

I think the anon feature must be really helpful to some people that have personal things that they don’t want to openly have other people (friends on the forum) know about. Yes this is a place that everyone can come on and chat to people and ask questions about medications and symptoms etc but its also a place where people talk about their lives and they wouldn’t want other people to know certain personal things. The anon feature needs to be kept to protect people’s privacy otherwise I think it would stop some people using this site and stop them posting a personal question that they really need help with. Some people are open about things in life and some find it harder. The anon feature should be monitored when it comes to bullying though as there was some bullying like instances on here recently and the anon feature appeared a lot - sometimes I imagine because they probably didn’t want the backlash or because they just didn’t want people to know why they were - either way situations like those need monitoring on the anon thing further.

I agree Karina.

I just want people to be nice to eachother, whether they choose to be anonymous or not. But that’s just me I suppose (and a lot of my friends on here too of course).

Shazzie xx

Does anyone get the feeling that sometimes people register on forums like this with fake profiles (or in this case with anon) just so they can post nasty things and bully to get a reaction from the rest of us?

You would have to ask yourself why bother but I do sometimes wonder at some of the weird people out there.

JellyBellyKelly (weird but in a good way )

Perhaps they have bully parties Kelly?

Shazzie xx

There was a few people that did this in the past - joined the site and posted some weird things for a couple of weeks and then vanished! Once has to ask where nazra has disappeared to!?!

Tbh Nazra seemed very scared and in a dark place. I imagine anger is a very normal reaction to being in this situation.

I do hope it was someone “trolling” but i fear it was not.


Darren at first I thought she was genuinely needing help until some of the posts that she created and until some of the messages she sent privately- then I questioned things as things didn’t add up and she kept changing her story which seemed rather odd