Anon or not Anon....

Hi All,

Is anyone aware that when you post Anon you are Anon in the thread itself but if you reply to that thread your name will be shown under the Last post column on the main forum page? In the thread you will still be Anon.

Initially the thread will be anon even under the last post column but if you reply, it will show your name under the last post column.

I have tried to ask Admin if they are aware of this but I have not had a response to my queries.

Jan x

Far too much time on my hands…

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Hi Jan,it shows as ANON on the forum though,only the poster can see their name,its very confusing though.

J x


Janhhh, is correct i saw it earlier on here someone did reply anon in a thread, but on the Everyday living main page you could see their name.

Well spotted



Check this out. Page six of Everyday Living has a thread titled Ill Health Retirement posted Anon, I am the person to start that thread and the last person to reply, I posted Anon yet it shows my name under the last post column, look at that thread and you will see what I mean.

It isn’t the end of the world but people should know there is a fault with the system. There has been a number of posts I have seen all showing Anon on the thread but under last post column showing the name.

Jan x

I’m sorry that I keep having to pop up and apologise for stuff- and all i can do is thank you for your patience with all of this.

Obviously, we take the Anon function very seriously and this is being looked into right away.

And thank you all for highlighting this.

Stewart (admin)

Nah it didnt show on my Homepage so did anyone know it was mme

No, perhaps I’m not ‘getting it’ my head is dodgy :wink:

Are you all talking Chinese, or do I need to up my dosage :slight_smile:

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Or maybe, you’ve all been partying behind my back :frowning:

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I don’t know how to explain it without making it more confusing. Perhaps if everyone posted Anon on this thread from now on you would all see Anon on the thread but a name on the main page under the last post column. Sorry but at least Admin are on to it now.

Jan x

Jan - i understand what you mean.

It’s still happening this morning.

I don’t post anon very often but its good for more personal posts/replies.

I hope this gets sorted soon.


Am I to understand, that if I choose to go anon, at some point in the thread everyone will see my name? My brain works better in the morning :slight_smile: Reading the thread though-it still looks gobbledygook to me :slight_smile:

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Our developers are looking into this and it’s being treated as urgent- however, it’s still not fixed. The only advice we can offer at the moment is- until this bug has been fixed, don’t post anonymously if your ID being revealed could put you at risk in any way.

Obviously, this isn’t ideal, and once again we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Stewart (admin)

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