ANON isn't always ANON on here

Just to point out an ANON anomaly on here…

If you post ANON your username still gets listed on the main forum homepage iin the column showing the last post.

I noticed this a week or two ago and sent a message to bbarbour and cgeorge. As of yesterday it was still happening. I guess it’s not a problem unless it’s a slow news day and nobody comes along to knock your ANON post off the top of the last post list for a while.

Well said Mel! I know we can sometimes be put off by anon posts, but as you say there will ususally be someone else who will have experienced what we find difficult to talk about.

luv Pollx

We’ll address this as a priority first thing Monday. Greg (admin)

And while you are at it Greg, sort out the “Preview” button, please,

Some of us are prone to making lots of typos, and a preview does enable us to catch a lot of them before the post becoms final.


Hi all

I am looking into this at the moment but am struggling to recreate RRWW47’s problem as reported above.

I posted anon and replied anon (without any admin rights on the system) and my username wasn’t displayed.

I will look into it further.

Greg [admin]

It’s me - RRWW47 - I’m on a computer at work so I’ll post htis ANON to see if it’s just an issue with my home pc

It still did it - on the main homepage that lists all the forums, not just the main page for Everyday Living.

That was using internet explorer

Anon reply

Anon reply

I’m seeing it now - will get straight onto it.


Testing anonymous too as this doesn’t happen if you create a new post!