The anon not being “anon” problem still isn’t fixed. I just noticed it again (and no, it wasn’t me it happened to - I very rarely post anon, if at all).

There’s absolutely no point having the anon facility, if it isn’t observed everywhere the post appears.


It gets worse.

I just looked at one of my recent posts and saw that my avatar had gone, and my username had been changed to “anonymous”.

The preview button came back yesterday, still did not work, and is gone again today.

Other people can make forums work, so what has gone wrong here?


And it gets even worse …

Just looked at the thread “BBC Breakfast News - MS Interviewee - …”

Every post has been sent in by “anonymous” and ALL the avatars have gone.

Looks like some people do not know their mouse from their elbow.


Hi all

Thanks for flagging these up again - we are aware of all them but I will check on their status with our developers and get back to you.

Greg [admin]

You may want to mention that the default type size on the type edit box is like 6 points its tiny. (ie9 nothing changed my end)