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Please tell me why when I keep typing in the varification code it says I need to do it again when I know I’ve done it correctly over and over? Thank you.


I had this yesterday after 10 attempts i just gave up,and if i want to post anon fro any reason it puts my name and then anon, told the mods but they say its my fault??

jaki xx


I’ve added you to the whitelist soo you shouldn’t keep getting asked for this.


I’ve added you too. When you post Anon it’s anon. Only you see your name.


If you’re experiencing any problems just PM me.

Greg [Admin]

Morning Greg

PMing you works well for us old hands, as you know :slight_smile:

However for new posters or people less familiar with the workings of the site it is not so easy.

There was a victim of error 403 who had posted in the middle of an another post as she couldn’t start a new thread. I did reply with a link to you, so hopefully she has that sorted now.

Incidentally I can’t find the post as I can’t find my old posts, is there a way of doing that?


P.S. Would it be possible to have a large help button at the top of the page with a direct link to the web team?

Excellent idea!

Karen x

Thank you very much

Janet x