anybody else take Tegretol?

Hi all, I went to see my neuro and told him about my ms nurse putting me on Baclofen for spasms. He has recommended that I go on Tegretol instead as this medication is for painful spasms rather than rigidity. I now know why I wasn’t getting any relief!! Anybody else take this medication and has it helped? I’m currently weaning myself off Baclofen as I don’t now see the point of taking it xx Julie xx

What exactly do you mean by spasms?


I take Tegretol but for trigeminal neuralgia (face pain). It is actually an antispasmodic used mainly for epilepsy. I don’t know anything about its use for spasms


Tegretol helped me a lot when I had a relapse that was causing neuropathic stabbing pains.


My neuro asked me what was happening and I explained that I suffer with pain that shoots down my legs and also really severe pain in my fingers/ thumb of my left hand especially. Also I have continuous pain in my thigh muscles and stiffness in my legs. That is when he decided that Tegretol would be more beneficial than Baclofen. I’m really hoping that this medication will lessen the pain because it’s really getting me down and I’m so fed up with it all…

I also take Tegretol at 300 dose which helps leg pain but struggling with stabbing pain at back of head again at the moment. Worked quite well at beginning.

Good evening Vinny

I also take Tegretol for T N but, when I take it it increases my unsteadyness (is that a word?) It’s also known as Camababa something or the other.