Hi Everyone,

Wish me luck I’ve just started taking Tegretol and hope it works as my legs are so, so painful.



Don’t know what it is - but GOOD LUCK, ANYWAY - I’ve had MS for over 13 Years (I’m 56 and may die with ‘MS’ - not a good thought but I’ve got NO OPTION - my Doctor’s brother has ‘MS’ and he say’s that he might get it - he has no idea - I used to ‘do long distance running and was ‘black tags’ in Tae-kwon-do?’ - I don’t do that now?).

Marcus. x.

Hi Janet

I started taking Tegretol about 10 months ago and for me it has been a wonder drug. Apart for an upset tummy for a few days each time it was increased it has been great. A life without dreadful pain only the odd twinge to complain about. Hope it works the same for you.

Hugs Doris

Hi Marcus.

It is a neuropathic drug to alivate pain.

Hi Doris,

Thanks for your post, I really hope I follow in your footsteps (so to speak) and it gets rid of the pain. What dosage are you on? My neuro has started me off with 100mg per day for two weeks then up to 200mg, she said she’s only putting me on a low dose because of all the other drugs I have to take.

Thanks once again.



Hi Janet I tried it for a while but I seem to get more relief from Amitryptiline but we are all different and it is worth trying. Hope it works for you Karen xxx

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your response, I hope it works to as I’m so limited as to what I can take because of all the other drugs, time will tell.