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I have been prescribed oxarbazepina for the muscle cramps, looked it up on the net and it seems to have horendouse side effects, can anyone, say their experience of this please.

Never heard of that one. Have you tried the usual meds for muscle cramps/spasms? ie baclofen?

When I read possible side effects with all my meds, I am gobsmacked what can occur.

If you do think they aren`t helping or causing problems, speak to your GP, yeh?

luv Pollx

thanks polly unfortunatley I am in spain and my spanish is very poor, so i kind of accept what they say

I have looked it up on wiki and there is a reference to "Carbamazepine", this is a well known drug on here. I was put on it and reacted badly to it so I was changed to Gabapentin and Sodium Valporate. If indeed it is the same drug it is definitely used for neuropathic pain not sure about spasms and cramps, I am on Baclofen for spasms and cramps.

Hope this of some help I am sure others will chip in. 


Oxcarbazepine I think is english name-a drug related to carbamazepine. Its an anti epileptic drug used for spasms and neuropathic pain in MS.

I dont think the side effects seem any worse than any other drug to be honest-as they always list everything that COULD (or perhaps has previously) happened to some folk.

Think some on here have used carbamazepine-which is similar and hopefully they can give you more info. I havent taken it.

Ellie x