Anybody else? Head Pressure and tension in head and neck and eyes

Hi to everyone I have just joined today so am a newbie - I am not sure if ANYONE else has had any of what I am experiencing? It would be so nice to learn.

Sorry for lengthy post in advance.

Two years ago now I went to GP with dizziness on moving head a bit and long story short g p diagnosed BPPV (trapped crystals in middle ear) this made sense however I also felt i had a bit of trouble focusing only periodically when doing things close up so thought maybe could need reading glasses mid fifties;eyes have done brilliantly no now no glasses - had eye test all perfect however very close up and computer reading advised low prescription glasses. Did Epley maneouvre for BPPV and that went away.

18 months ago however was aware of a feeling of spatial disorientation - so hard to describe! like when walking you are there and yet not quite there! if that makes sense. in Summary G P finally sent me for an MRI without Gadolinium (contrast dye) and radiologist at a hospital I wont say where! said I had had a silent stroke as an area of brain necrosed (dead) - G P then says they often get it wrong so for five months I was anxious about this and then had another MRI with Gadolinium and told not had a silent stroke!!! however there is a couple of inflammation areas in brain. Had Lumbar Puncture and they found Oligo Clonal Bands I do not know how many, I am going to ask - so that was it immediately LABEL of MS. I asked for an Evoke test which was perfect thankfully. Had bloods done in April all fine. Now have just had some more bloods done for MS mimickers and waiting to hear. G P has meanwhile diagnosed me with Chronic Sinusitus which I assume would cause some pressure in the head and behind the eyes. And what I suggested Cervical Radiculopathy and he has said Cervical Spondylosis - the second MRI scan showed severe stenosis in C6-C7 in one side and stenoses in C3-C7 in other with disruption to the Neural Foremina and the second reporting locum Radiologist asked neurologist on scan Are there any Neurological Symptoms???

No one has ever picked this up despite me asking if this head pressure could be as a result of this foramina in neck vertebrae being blocked or compromised. I have no typical MS symptoms - it is the severe pressure feeling in head and excrutiating pains in neck and eyes aching and having trouble focusing at times - I could be inside or outside doing something close up. So I am having acupuncture and made appt to see osteo and am hoping that will sort it however I am conscious that they found these bands in my CSF.

Is it possible that pressure and inflammation could cause these bands? I read that 5% of people without MS have these bands - can anyone add any light on this to help me please?

I am also experiencing intermittent fevers (no dont worry it is NOT covid) I thought Mennigitis however I believe that comes on fast - I have no idea really. Just trying to get some advice.

Have made another test this week to have eyes checked; including pressures etc.

Thank you so much for reading and for your help