Anybody else get a 24hr fever a few times a year?


I have PPMS and a few times a year I get what I think is a fever. Feeling sick, temperature, legs and arms much much weaker than normal etc. I found it hard to even pick up a mug at one point!

Yesterday I had one and now today I almost feel back to “normal”. Wondered if anyone else had these? I did have a UTI a few days ago , so it could be linked?


Hi Wow, yes snap. It wasn’t until this weekend, my second fever this year - temperature, really achy and my legs completely gave up for 12hrs, they wouldn’t even hold me up let alone walk, I even fell trying to sit on the toilet as all my senses just seemed pants, if you were a fly on the wall you would have thought i had drunk one too many! The same literally happened to me back around Easter, wiped me out totally for 24-48hrs then back to normal (whatever normal maybe!) I remember my nurse telling me a while ago to remember that colds, bugs, viruses caught by us ms’ers will hit us much worse then those without ms. :slight_smile:

Sorry guys xx


Hi, Yes, I get these. I’ll feel really hot, have a headache and feel a bit sicky. But, I’ve now come to associate it with digestion problems. Even tough I’m, erm, regular, when I have these fever-type episodes, I’ll go for a poo and end up being there almost an hour. It just keeps on coming. It’s as though meal upon meal has backed-up in my system and is coming out all at the same time. It’s not diarreah, I’ll have a poo then a few minutes later need another, and so on til my system is empty. I can’t believe how much poo my body can hold onto. Sorry to be so graphic. This happens to me every few weeks. I now recognise the symptoms and what it means for me. Like I said earlier, I am regular and not constipated. Maybe there are times when things move slower and every now and then things have to catch up. Heather