strange temp thing

Hi peeps :slight_smile: This is a weird one but here goes. For the last few months I have been suffering from uti’s. When I was in rhe docs office with the last one about two weeks ago he asked if I had been having a temperature at all I said no I’ve just been hot from the weather but no shivering or feeling ill. He took my temp a few times and told me I had a high temp. That really weirded me out as I was hot but had non of the normal temp signs, shivering, cold extremeties etc at all. I spent the next week checking my temp as it was tge obly way I coukd tell. Anyway spent all last night feeling ridiculously hot and having pains in my kidneys again so I took my temp and it was 39 but again I had non of the normal signs ! Does anyone know anything about this? Is it normal ? I tried to look it up but cant find anything. krissy :slight_smile:

im a nurse and you should be feeling very ill with a temp of 39, i suggest you take paracetamol every 4 hours but no more than 8 per day in an attempt to bring it down. your right its very strange that your not feeling unwell and experiencing all the symptoms that go hand in hand with high temp. sorry cant explain why.

Take a look at ‘feeling hot’ from the 3rd August… Hope this helps x I have hot spells where I feel temperature is coming from within. no goosebumps etc just boiling hot brought on my minimal exertion. I had not had it for a week or two but its now back. Gets so bad at night I have had to lay a towel down as my bed is soaked. Yvettej x

Thanks for the replys ladies. My doc was looking at me really weird but didnt say nothing. Thanks selina I am on regular paracetamol most days. Yvettej I get very sweaty too and it comes out of nowhere not sure if its related to the uti’s or not. I will check out that post, Thanks krissy :slight_smile: xx

Thanks yvette I have just looked at your older post re hot and also did a lil bit of research seems like lots of my probs are controlled by the hypothalamus krissy :slight_smile: