Any suggestions for footwear for numb feet?

I am really struggling trying to find something to wear on my ‘numb but not numb’ foot (quote from Arwen). Everything I try just hurts! What do people wear? E.g. Loose shoes a size bigger, socks and trainers to envelop feet, slippers (I am not yet back at work)? Any suggestions gratefully received. The only thing I have found is the more cushioned/contored the sole the less uncomfortable I am, although it doesn’t help my poor toes.

Hi I have had problems for 3 years with numb feet, tingling and feel like a phone vibrating on soles of feet, I have also had surgery to remove a nerve on foot and toes. My podiatrist told me about FITFLOPS it is a make they do sandals, shoes, boots etc. They have their own website they are quite expensive John Lewis also does them but Amazon are definitely the cheapest some are half price on amazon. I have only tries the sandals but found them excellent as normally cannot wear sandals and these were fine think you should definitely try them.


I love my fitflops. I have had special insoles made as a podiatrist showed me how I was putting my feet down incorrectly causing the joint by my little toe to bulge outward. Obviously you cannot put insoles into sandals but I found that fitflops really help and are comfy to. They also exercise your leg muscles. I hope you find your perfect pair :slight_smile:

I wear half a size too big and love converse types or trainers Axx

Thanks for your replies. I have ordered a reasonably cheap pair from amazon from a company that does returns if I don’t get on with them. I must admit I had such a bad day yesterday that the thought of ever walking properly or getting back to work seems a long way off but I will attempt to get out of bed now with a more positive attitude. Have a good day everyone!

Winters coming…sorry If you have the spare cash, think about investing in a pair of Emu boots. Sheepskin lined…suede outer, some are waterproof. I’m not joking you dont even have to wear socks. Take a look on QVC They last years. x

Great suggestions. Left foot has felt weird for years but recently it’s been more tingly and buzzy.

Hello! I could not do without my Reebok Easytones… they have amazing cushioning which I have not experienced with other shoes… Only shoes I can wear nowadays with nerve pain and numbness in my toes…they also give great support and protection to your feet. They have many different styles to suit anyone! I also like Clarks shoes for more formal but comfy footwear! Hope that helps!

I have a pair of hotters for work. It has taken me months to find a pair of shoes for my numb but not numb feet. I also picked up a half price pair of clarks winter boots (fir lined) wide fit. Tried them on and they are so soft and comfy. Was lucky as they were originally £80! My hotters were £70! Thing is I would rather pay out than walk around feeling like my toenails are being wrenched off and that my shoes feel like they are 3x too small - horrible. Good luck. Dawn x

Thanks everyone. Part of the problem is that I only have one numb foot, so I don’t want to buy bigger sizes or the other one will be too big. Dottydoo I know what you mean about feeling like your toenails are being wrenched off! My new problem is that my foot today feels all squishy to walk on, it is disgusting and painful at the same time. Does anyone else know what I mean?

I’m with Dawn on the Hotter shoes, I have 2 pairs and have picked my winter ones already :slight_smile:

Yes, they’re expensive but they’re so light and the leather is really soft, I never thought I’d want them but now I could not live without!

Sonia x

I have found a Hotter outlet store at Springfields nr Spalding in Lincolnshire. I bought a pair that should retail for £65 for just £30. They had lots of others that fitted me for £30 and less in their sale. I’m waiting for a decent bingo win to go back and treat myself to several pairs. It’s an hour and a half drive for me but is soooo worth it. They seem to be the only shoes that support my ankles as well as my soles.

Tracey x

Tracey, after you mentioned the outlet I had a little look and there doesn’t appear to be any my way (as there’s also a couple of pairs that have taken my fancy!) BUT I think you can order quite a lot of clearance stuff online… I will try to find the link again and send it to you :slight_smile:

Sonia x

That’s worth knowing, Elmo/Tracey, thanks :slight_smile: That’s quite local to me! My podiatrist once recommended Hotter and I could do with a new pair soon.

hi puddinglover

i wear clarks shoes, M & S boots, reebok easytone trainers and in the house i like thick socks with a non slip tread.

i havent worn high heels since my 21st birthday when i fell down the stairs at a nightclub.

like joujeh, i cant do without my reebok easytones. very comfy and they make me pick my feet up so no more foot drop.

carole x

I will investigate the other recommendations too, many thanks. I didn’t get on with the fit flop shoes I ordered as the soles were not cushioned or contoured at all so I sent them back. However I found a pair of old hush puppies in my wardrobe that I haven’t taken off since as they have a lovely cushioned sole.

I just wanted to say that I found a half price pair of Fitflop boots from Amazon and they seem to be ok on my very painful left foot. Only problem is I have to wear a thin sock on my left foot and a thick sock on my right foot or the right is too big. I assume my left foot is swollen as well as painful as I don’t usually gave different size feet. Thanks for the recommendation.