Any new Mums ?


Ive been posting on the the newly diagnosed for a few months now.

I was diagnosed in Feb and am due to have a baby literally any day now so the last few months have been a really rocky ride.Fortunatley I feel pretty well at the moment with just a few visual and balance symtoms but I just wondered if theres anyone out there thats done this before.

My worries are -:

Coping with the birth

Coping with tiredness I really know when I get over tired, my balance goes completely haywire and I am worried about managing night feeds etc.

Did you breast feed? I get conflicting advice as to if its a good idea or not.

Returning to work I am a teacher a primary school its pretty full on but I love it .However I have only managed about three weeks since diagnosis.We need my salary is there support out there to help me get back to work or am I being over optomistic.

Starting a drug regimen I have avoided all drugs due to my pregnancy but my doctors are keen to initiate treatment to reduce relapse rates after the baby arrives.I have a zillion leaflets which all seem overwhelming any advice please.

Ellie x

I’ve had 3 kids since diagnosis! Diagnosed April 2001, pregnant by May 2001, Pregnancy great, difficult birth as my consultant was away and I was left to get too tired. Breast fed till 10 weeks, then I gave up as so tired, things improved greatly. I wasn’t medicated at this time, it wasn’t the thing. Daughter number 2 arrived March 2004. Induced labour as very overdue (she should have arrived in her school uniform) quick natural no pain relief. Then relapsed frequently from about 5 months to 18 months when I started first Avonex, which didn’t suit, then Copaxone. Stopped after 18 months as I was struggling with side effects. Daughter number 3, Arrived March 2011. I had had 2 lots of steroids shortly before conceiving her (and she was a surprise), normal pregnancy, well for the first time in ages, lots of monitoring as steroids can cause low birthweight. Then very difficult birth mostly caused by a placental abruption from Evie deciding that the cord would make the perfect fashion accessory, wrapped 3 times around her. Ventouse delivery. Massive blood loss. Been relapsing since she was 5 months old, just starting to get on top of it with Tysabri.

Would normally work 16 hours a week. As a nurse.


Thanks Avonex seems to be what they want to start me on I really want to breast feed though and want to have another baby in the not too distant future.I want to try and avoid any treatment if I can and really want to get back to work for a decent stint if possible.

After todays appointment they are going to try and induce me on Monday if things havent started on their own by then so fingers crossed.


My induced labour was my best, but then my body knew what it was doing, think by the time it got to number 3 it had forgotten again and stress and fear stop things happening. I was flipping terrified first time around, no amount of classes prepares you for it. Just do what feels right, rest up now if you can (difficult I know when you feel like a beached whale, and are just waiting for something to happen), because by the time that baby comes home you will be begging for a full nights sleep (I’m still begging for a full nights sleep and my little one is now 15 months old). I worked 20 hours a week when I had just the one and reduced it down after 2 to 16. Take as much leave as you can. I’ve not been back to work yet, currently off sick as its taking so long to get on top of things this time. Work is good for the soul as my occ health doctor tells me. Its good for your sanity and finding your identity as well. I’m still desperate to get back to work, if I can but they won’t have me back yet and want me to commit to a time that I’ll be able to go back.

Fell pregnant in May…

Symptoms started big time in July

Diagnosed in january,

Induced labour in February…

Breastfed for 2 and a half weeks (only stopped due to baby being very ill and needing more calories than i could give)

Tiredness was a killer at first but your body seems to do what it knows it has to to keep you and baby going, and DO speak to your midwife and health Visitor if you are struggling you can always get help from Homestart and Surestart like I do. They are amazing, and will help you out with so much… transport, a listening ear. He was my first… and there will definitely be a number 2! Im due to start Tysabri at some point soon, but plan come off it in around 18 - 24 months to try for baby no. 2!

I am a male and I’ve had MS for 13+ years - I was being ‘nosy’, sorry, when I read your message (it was mainly because I was diagnosed when my wife was pregnant - not relevant but after reading, I noticed that you mentioned a love of teaching. My brother-in-law also teaches and he has been diagnosed with MS. He is in England but he is from Northern Ireland and he is catholic - I’m not. But he is still teaching and he has 3 girls but I have also heard that he loves teaching (and he gets some time off when he is not well).


Hi Ellie,

Wishing you lots of luck with your new baby. I was a primary school teacher before dx. After my second baby I gave up my full time teaching job as hubby got job abroad. Then when my son was 1 year old I was dx with RRMS. We came back to live in UK and when youngest child started school I began supply teaching which I did for 4 years. Then got another job as education officer for a charity which involved planning and delivering schemes of work to KS1/2. Now working as Education officer in a museum.

I am still RRMS and am currently on a break from Rebif DMD as finding side effects not very nice. Hopefully you will be able to continue with your job- I know for me now I couldn’t cope with teaching full time as it is such a demanding job. But after my dx I didn’t get a relapse for 7 years so you could be the same- everyones MS is different. How would you feel about a job share, working 3 days say?

All the best


Thanks for all the really positive messages

Cathy I think job share would be my perfect solution . ggmarch its great to hear your induced labour was your best they dont want me to go overdue so its looking moor and moor likely I will be induced .

I know every first time Mum is nervous it just feels like my confidence in my body to do what nature intended has been hit .

Ill let you know how we get on


I have nothing of value to add, but send you a huge good luck and wish you a safe delivery.

I have two kids but they are teenagers now and cant wait for the time they tell me I’m going to be a nan.

Best wishes and let us know as soon as you can about your little bundle of joy.